12 réflexions au sujet de “Romaric fonctionne sur les téléphones Android une deux avec fingerprin au-affichage… Romaric”

  1. I think android one is a big selling point, but in my country the mi a2 costs 250$ whereas the galaxy s8 costs 350$ (and s7 costs 300$), with superior OLED display and sd835 soc compared with the mi a2’s LCD display and sd660 soc. Of course there are those who prefer android one to One UI and can’t afford to spend more than ~250$. I’m curious to know what features the mi a3 needs to have in order to entice consumers to buy it rather than an older flagship.

  2. I hope one of them is mi-mix3 like slider with android one. or you know what, just gumme mi-a3 with at least sd670, and a frickin NFC. I did not wait for years for google pay to be launched in my country to not use it.

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