3 réflexions au sujet de “Rival de Google veut plus de détails sur le rival de Google”

  1. Tl;dr: Czech search engine – Seznam, a part of a lobbying group FairSearch who triggered the investigation on Google using their power via Android to push their search engine, and lead to EU fining Google for that, wants more details about Google’s plans to implement a way for user to pick a browser and search engine.

    So all that stuff was already known. The news part about this is that they asked for more details. Now sure if a whole article was needed for that.

  2. Nobody wants these search engines that are worse than Google. They need offer something Google doesn’t. Like Duck Duck Go with privacy. If these companies had a good product there is plenty of room in the market. Google is just better.

  3. cry more. if people wanted to use a different search engine they would. there’s nothing wrong with preinstalled software as long as you can replace it, which you can

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