Revue de bourgeons Galaxy : tout sauf l’essentiel

Revue de bourgeons Galaxy : tout sauf l’essentiel

Galaxy Buds review: everything but the basics

Avant de choisir un smartphone pliable, il faut toujours regarder les différents appareils disponibles sur le marché. Lequel, permettra vraiment de regarder les news tous les jours de manière gréable ?

revue Galaxy bourgeons : tout sauf l’essentiel

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  1. That was a pretty decent review from the Verge. I do find that people can’t really hear me that well when on calls, but I found the sound quality when listening to music to be better overall than my AirPods. I guess that’s just preference though.

  2. I’m still waiting for the right all-around set of true wireless headphones. The 65t are the closest to perfect (I have big ears), but I don’t want to buy any more microUSB devices.

    I’m really hoping Bose does a really good version of the SoundSports. They sound incredible, but are too ugly, too big, and lag too much when watching video.

  3. One pro that I can’t overlook is that the galaxy buds are he only truly wireless pair that actually go deep enough in my ear canal to create and hold a seal.

    That alone makes them my go to pair.

  4. Having used both the AirPods and the Galaxy Buds, I have observed that the AirPods have far fewer BlueTooth drops than the buds, that the sound quality is pretty mediocre on both (but in different ways), that the Galaxy Buds are way more comfortable (if you like in-ear buds, obviously), and that the call quality on AirPods is better, but not orders of magnitude better, than the Galaxy Buds.


    The BlueTooth issue is one that I hope will go away when I pair the Galaxy Buds with an S10, but when paired with an iPhone or different Android phone (Moto X4), they frequently « split », where instead of a unified sound, you hear the same sound coming out of both buds independently. It’s weird, and never happens on the AirPods. This happens more frequently on the Moto X4, so I’m hoping it’s down to the quality of BlueTooth on the phone, and that pairing with an S10 will resolve the issue. Otherwise, I can’t see keeping the Galaxy Buds.


    Yes, AirPods are nerfed on Android, but if you set the tap features on the AirPods on an Apple device before pairing with your Android device, everything « just works » (with the exception of the popup to tell you how much battery is left, and there are third party apps on Android that can do this).


    If you’re going from nothing to something, and budget is a factor, you’ll be fine with the Galaxy Buds. If budget isn’t an issue, and you’re looking to upgrade from AirPods, the Galaxy Buds are not the ones for you.

  5. I really enjoyed this review.

    Voice calling quality is so often overlooked – the Sony XM3 for example are super popular but rubbish for voice calling – and recording the actual received voice was a very useful touch. Voice calls are essential for my use-case so it’s a welcome metric. Although to my ears even the straight phone to phone call sounded pretty awful as a baseline, would’ve been great to know which network and voice codecs were being used here.

    I love Vlad’s practical approach to audiophilia, having Becca take on the similarly practical approach to wearable audio as communication tools will be brilliant if it continues.

  6. This was a very well done review, especially the microphone review. I wish more phone/wireless headphone review videos would also cover this.

    Jaybird Freedom F5 are still my favorite wireless headphones. You can find them on sale sometimes for $40 or less. When properly fitted they weigh so little and fit so well in your ear that they completely disappear

    Other than the 4 hour battery life (can be up to 8 hours with an added clip on), they are excellent. Great sound, completely customizable fit, and very affordable. If your workout is very active and you sweat a lot the cord is a lifesaver and they are sweatproof.

  7. I appreciated the real world demo of the microphone problems and giving us the real review of fit. I feel like these use cases get lost in most review videos

  8. I’ll be honest, I don’t know how reliable the Soundtests are, but they all sound Terrible?

    I have some Sony bt ones for cycling (with a cable) and they aren’t all that great either.

    Is this just the level of quality BT headphones are in generally?

  9. This is a decent review from the verge but its putting emphasis on the wrong things imo. A comfortable fit and battery life are waaay more important to me than call quality. Also, no mention of the very competitive pricing which in turn puts the value proposition of these very high compared to its peers. Saying the basics arent covered is a bit outlandish considering the only fault of this product is the feature I use the least.

  10. If you really care about audio, noise cancelling and not dropping the link or getting horrible cracking noise it is either WH1000M3 or WI1000X (with LDAC). Mics are better on the WH1000M3 but even on those things could be better in noisy environment.

  11. Mehh…I feel like call quality can be greatly improved upon with OTA updates. I’ll have to wait for my buds to truly determine the call quality. I heard it is not bad as most people claim. With a recent deal I got them for $95. At that price, if I can wear them for hours at full comfort with very good to great sound quality, then the buds seems fantastic. Even if they only last me a year, the amount I paid for them is well worth it. The next gen will most likely solve all the small issues and the buds will truly become a rival to Airpods.

  12. Can’t say much on audio quality on my Buds since it’s my only TWS, but they do drop the connections and the person on the phone can’t hear me occasionally. I really like my Buds overall, still, that’s quite annoying sometimes.

  13. been using the Buds for a few days and I like them so far. The Ambient Sound feature sucks and inferior to my other Jabra Active 65t wireless set. I like the case and the magnetic feature when you place the headphone inside the case; unlike the Jabra. I bet the 2nd gen version next year will be a lot better. For now, they will get me through plane rides & daily workout just fine.

  14. I’m using the buds with my Pixel 2 XL. They are far from perfect, but they’re the best true wireless buds I’ve owned. They aren’t my main headphones, but the comfort and convenience factor are great. They’re worth it to me, especially if you can get them. For the $100 ATT price.

  15. Huge issues on basic features.

    Pretty much why I moved to iOS. They get the basics right.

    Delay in audio when watching videos
    Connection issues
    Bad mic

  16. I don’t get the complaints about the sound quality. A lot of headphones are way too bass heavy nowadays, and that sound gets normalized, so when there’s balanced ones, they’re sounding « flat », which is apparently a bad thing now.

  17. Verge are embarrassing these days but to me call quality isn’t a massive issue. Sound and battery life means more to me personally. I think for air pods type connection these are the perfect for sane experience as what apple provides

  18. The Buds sound quality can be improved a lot with ViperFX. Worth a try folks.

    I’ve also encountered multiple sound dropping and desync when i put my phone in my pant pocket. Watching YouTube and Netflix is great, no lag. Sound quality and volume is way better with ViperFX.

    I like my Buds.

  19. Honestly, I’ve been really flirting with the idea of getting the Galaxy buds, but after this review I’m just going to hold off until the second version. It’s 2019, we shouldn’t have to compromise on any of this. Really good review

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