Réserver une table avec l’aide de Google à travers le pays sur plus de devi…

Réserver une table avec l’aide de Google à travers le pays sur plus de devi…

Book a table with the Google Assistant across the country on more devices

Avant d’acquérir un smartphone pliable, il faut absolument voir les différents appareils disponibles sur le marché. Lequel, permettra vraiment de mater les actualité chaque jours de manière confortable ?

livre un tableau avec l’Assistant de Google à travers le pays sur plus de périphériques

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  1. >when Texas is not supported

    Thats not very yeeehaw of you

    Edit: It looks like they block it by location of the phone. I have a 510 number and tried to book in my hometown in California but it didnt let me because I’m physically in Texas

  2. Might come to the UK by 2022 if we’re lucky.

    Still no continued conversation for Google Assistant over here, nor Call Screen on the Pixel 3 and 3XL. All the best features are US only 😞

  3. So I’ve got a Pixel 3 and interested in trying this out.

    What are the typical parameters for the request?

    Will this work for any kind of restaraunt that takes reservations over phone, or does it have to be fancier/upscale restaurants? Basically can I call Applebee’s and set it up there or does it lend itself moreso to Fancy Steak Restaraunt Inc.

    Do they have to be on a certain program where they list table availability?

  4. Is recording calls really that big of a privacy no-no? I remember my Nokia N82 could do that about 10 years ago, there was third party apps that could really do anything.

  5. Not on galaxy s10+ yet, or not operating in the greater new orleans area, or the restaurants i’ve tried don’t work yet. But Assistant knows what i’m trying to do. Progress!

  6. Does anyone know if Duplex and this (which is an extension of Duplex I believe) will be available on non-Google Androids and iOS in the future (based of news or past Google trends)?

    > Over the next few weeks, we’ll start slowly bringing this feature to more Android and iOS devices, and will continue to incorporate feedback as we continue testing.

    I noticed this but I’m assuming it’s the regular, Google Assistant integration with OpenTable and etc, not the one that calls and does things that weren’t already possible.

  7. Another Google Assistant feature of questionable use.

    I can’t even let it talk about the « Redox Steakhouse » because it refuses to find a steakhouse called « Redox » if it can instead understand « Red Ox » and not know what that is.

    It **does** offer me to find flights though, thanks Ass-istant, that’s exactly what I was looking for!

    (Can we have Google Now back, please? Back then the whole thing was actually intelligent 😭)

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