12 réflexions au sujet de “Redmi Note 7 Pro n’aura pas une version internationale officielle”

  1. No international version and no useful LTE bands outside its intended markets is a shame.

    Looks like Xiaomi didn’t want to repeat another hit like the RN3P/SE, this was the ideal phone for it… It was a true upgrade for us still using these phones.

    Oh well, at least the plain RN7 is stiil an awesome value and has an international version with more LTE bands. If my RN3SE breaks I’ll have to go for it.

  2. But it will have a global rom since its releasing in India. So technically there’s a global variant its just not being sold officially outside India

  3. Good thing the Chinese version is fully compatible here in my country PH, and there are so many resellers here, though i guess since it’s not officially available here the price will be higher (when resellers usually sell for cheaper).

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