22 réflexions au sujet de “Redmi 7 a révélé : Snapdragon 632, batterie de 4000mAh pour 104 $”

  1. I was hoping 5.4-5.8 inch and lighter weight for Redmi 7 NON-NOTE, dissapointed (180g is quite heavy, same as my current phone: Redmi Note 5 Pro). Now note and non-note almost has no difference except just a huge downgrade. I miss having powerful compact, phone (Redmi 4X) that fits and can be used comfortably with one hand. Now I’m thinking of Honor 9 lite, Redmi 6 or Samsung A6 after Redmi 7 doesn’t meet my expectation.

  2. Disappointed. Was hoping for a more compact phone like the usual redmi line has been, and note is the big phone line. Instead, they just took the same body of the Note 7, replaced the camera, SoC and display with cheaper options and called it a day. It’s still an amazing value at this price point, though I wonder if people think paying $30 extra and getting the 1080p, better camera and SD660 in redmi note 7 is a better deal.

  3. Announcement prices are ALWAYS misleading.


    1. THis is the price for China only, this prices will be available worldwide after 6 months +
    2. The 104$ price is for the 2GB variant
    3. The 4Gb variant will be at least 150$ in the early months
    4. Redmi Note 5 AI is still much better buy

  4. Wish they had this phone in the US. Its good enough for 99% of users.

    Of course it will never be good enough for the tech bloggers and youtubers who never actually pay for anything and evaluate every product based on how shiny it is and how it looks (thanks Apple) so they will all declare it a failure.

    But people are brainwashed into buying $1k iPhones and Pixels, and then upgrading every year.

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