Reconnaissance des visages est extrêmement peu fiable sur Galaxy S10 +

Face recognition is EXTREMELY unreliable on Galaxy S10+

Avant de comparer un smartphone pliable, il faut absolument voir les différents modèles disponibles sur le marché. Lequel, permettra vraiment de lire les actualité tous les jours de manière confortable ?

reçu mon téléphone hier et reconnaissance faciale mis en place tout de suite. Je savais que ce serait moins fiable que l’iPhone mais juste pensé que je serais OK avec l’idée que quelqu’un pourrait débloquer à l’aide d’une photo de moi.

J’ai eu tort, c’est beaucoup moins fiable que celle ! Je suis allé à la rencontre de pub quelques amis et l’un d’eux demande à le vérifier. J’ai la main il lui verrouillé. Il se libère tout d’un coup avec lui ! J’ai pensé que peut-être la caméra repéré mon visage quand je me remettre à lui. Nous verrouiller à nouveau et bam, dès qu’il appuie sur le bouton d’alimentation qu’elle se déverrouille.

J’ai ensuite accéder aux réglages et décochez l’option pour « Reconnaissance plus rapide » sur les paramètres. Essayez à nouveau et à ma grande surprise, il se libère tout de suite !

C’est bien pire que le déverrouillage avec photo d’une personne. Gardez à l’esprit cet ami de mine regards rien comme moi. La caractéristique commune n’est que nous avons tous deux barbes, mais bt très différente la manière. Par exemple je porte des lunettes et il ne fonctionne pas.

Je suis très déçu et, désactivé, bien sûr, reconnaissance des visages.

Je suis curieux de savoir comment était expérience des autres utilisateurs.

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  1. Face unlock is provided by Android (not a special S10+ feature) and is based on your camera, which is extremely unreliable. You should opt for any infrared or whatever technique like iris scanning.

  2. I know using any form of face unlock is convenient and practical, but you just need to pretend Android’s face recognition is nonexistent. Adjust to using the ultrasonic fingerprint scanner. It can’t be that bad. You just have to be patient and give it a chance. If you absolutely need a secure face unlock, just go back to using an iPhone.

  3. Yeah, it’s AOSP Android face recognition. It’s not secure.

    Using face recognition and voice recognition has a much larger margin of error than fingerprint (which also has a margin of error, albeit a small one).

  4. I hate that android OEMs are including or advertising face unlock just because people know iPhone has faceid. It’s terrible on every android phone without an IR array, and should never even kind of be used. If someone even kind of resembles you IR will unlock

  5. Well duh, all things that makes it secure like iris scanner got removed. There is only a camera in the front, so it’s not surprise that it’s not reliable.

  6. Not really a surprise. Samsung does say it’s not very secure. Tested this on a friend’s phone by holding a picture of him up to the camera and it unlocked consistently. He just disabled it.

  7. I got the s10 and same thing happened to me. My cousin unlocked it without issue. I thought it was the smart unlock option but it doesn’t look like that’s the case. I turned Face ID off as well on it.

  8. This sub has a hard-on for the S10 right now so this will get downvoted. The reality is if it worked with your friends face it’s basically faulty. It should never do that unless your friend is also your twin.

  9. It’s unreliable but the real question is why would anyone want to use face unlock when there’s a more secure ultrasonic fingerprint sensor.

  10. Face recognition has been around for what, 7 years? Its not biometric face recognition and Samsung literally has a message explaining that is not secure.

    Samsung has the IRIS unlock which is far mire secure way of using your face anyway.

    This isn’t the first time I’m seeing this discussion and I am clueless why people think it’s an issue? I had a galaxy s3 when this feature was first rolled out and people were saying the exact same things then.

  11. I don’t trust Face recognition stuff anyway, and the novelty of scanning my FP on the screen hasn’t worn off yet. Still unfortunate how poor this method seems to be, especially compared to iPXS

  12. With consumer biometrics, it’s « buyer beware » and « your mileage may vary ».

    I love all the Samsung flagships I’ve had: S8, S9+ and now S10+.

    But, I immediately disable face recognition on all. Their tech just isn’t there – as it is for Apple’s FaceID. Apple invested in expensive infrared 3d scanning tech.

    The benefit to us is that it forced Samsung to speed their under-the-glass fingerprint tech, which is very high quality.

  13. It’s funny. This was an issue for a looong time, yet people are calling it out just when the s10 came out.
    Same thing happends on my Note8, and even the Galaxy S III with android 4.3.

    Yeeeeahhh…this was an issue for a very long time.

  14. That’s why it warns you that it’s not secure when you opt to activate it. It’s a convenience feature, not a security feature. If you want secure face scanning get a Note 9 or other phone that does an actual iris scan.

  15. it tells you it’s not secure & doesn’t even let you use it for Samsung pay, it’s the same 2d camera tech any Android can add from like jelly Bean.

    Samsung: *introduces super secure ultrasonic sensor*

    You: *ugh the insecure 2d ancient Android face unlock is not very secure*

  16. I have a question did you have automatic lock once you press the power button? Because the phone stays unlocked for awhile unless you press that option or delay it for awhile until it can lock again

  17. I don’t doubt you but this is very odd. Maybe try to exchange the phone. This is a function of Android and the S10 series has a better front camera than most phones. Face unlock works great on my S10+ and definitely doesn’t unlock with other people’s faces.

  18. Kinda weird. The selfie snapper is supposed to be significantly better than, say, the s8’s. But I really haven’t had that experience. I’ve been using face unlock with my s8, until recently. With the fast option turned on, I never had such issues. And in fact, found it quite reliable. My experience has been mostly on Oreo, perhaps they messed it up in Pie.

  19. I hear this a lot, but never see anyone recording a video of it for shits and giggles. Going to need some proof it suck this much as I’m thinking about getting it. If shit sucks that much I will pass

  20. This is brought up every time a new phone comes out that has the feature…this is an immature technology, and it shouldn’t be used. I hate that manufacturers keep on adding it with the implication it’s secure.

  21. I’m on a note 9 and I’ve never had a problem with other people unlocking my phone, even with faster unlocking on. It seems strange that they would make the tech worse on a newer model? Maybe you have a Google trusted setting on or maybe a software reset will fix it?

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