Rapport : Votre Samsung Galaxy se déprécie à alarmant des taux, -42 % dans Mont…


Rapport : Votre Samsung Galaxy se déprécie à alarmant des taux, -42 % dans Mont… Rapport

Report: Your Samsung Galaxy Depreciates at Alarming Rate, -42% in Month One

Avant de choisir un smartphone pliable, il faut toujours regarder les différents appareils disponibles sur le marché. Lequel, permettra vraiment de lire les news tous les jours de manière confortable ?

: votre Samsung Galaxy se déprécie à alarmant des taux, -42 % mois un

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  1. Which is why it’s so crazy they are giving me $550 for trade-in. One of my phones was purchased for $600 in December. Just have to be strategic. If this trade in promotion continues next year, I will always effectively pay $12.50/month for a current device (understanding that I will need to pay a little less than $100 a year in fees and taxes, but I also get a pre-order gift, this year it’s Galaxy Buds)

  2. Don’t pay full price, ever. I spent way less on my S8, so I expect the resale value to be in line with that. Unlike with a new iPhone, that never goes on sale, and depreciates accordingly. Of course the value will be higher there.

    The thing I noticed about iphones is that MUCH older iphones tend to have more value than the equivalent Android phone. At that point it’s a non-issue because I will long since have upgraded and sold.

    These MSRP prices are completely absurd, in any case.

  3. This makes sense. Literally the phone hasn’t launched and we’re already getting BOGO offers from various carriers.

    Whereas with iPhones it’ll usually be several months before that happens.

    I’m trading in a Note 8 for $600 credit at Best Buy and then doing the BOGO offer too.

    That’s 2 Galaxy S10 plus’s for ~ $600 after taxes and activation fees + 2 Galaxy Ear Buds/$130 E Certificates.

    Wouldn’t ever find a new iPhone with a deal like that *before it even comes out*

    And then iirc it was the Pixel that went $400’s off 3 weeks after release for Black Friday right?

  4. Bear in mind this is all data on trade in prices from a 3rd party company. You never get good value from them. They say 9 months after launch the s9 was $290, meanwhile I just did a search now and it’s $345+ for the cheapest variants, and $380+ for the cheapest unlocked ones. That’s still decent depreciation, but it’s maybe 50% over 12 months.

  5. Who gives a shit about **Month One?**

    If you’re getting rid of it after that time you obviously have too much money to even care about the price. If you’re normal you keep it for way longer and that’s what matters.

  6. Normally I wait 2-3 months for Samsung or LG phones to drop in price, but since Samsung is giving inflated preorder trade-in values I don’t mind purchasing now.

  7. US eBay price for Samsung makes it impossible to buy another brand. Throw in a quarterly 10 to 15% site wide coupon and it becomes stupid.

    Even without coupon, S8 plus for $380 (completely destroys all low/midrange devices, mine is running on one UI / 9.0, 6 hours screen on time a year into ownership), S9 plus for $530, Note 9 for $650, all brand new, all from top rated sellers, Xiaomi/OnePlus/Huawei who?

    Samsung build quality, display, camera, IP rating etc is not worth hundreds of dollars more, but 50 dollar difference is nothing. They also have far better US bands coverage.

    With their move to 4000 and up battery, one UI, they have no weakness, at least in the US with eBay prices.

  8. The base S9+ from Samsung cost $840. You can trade it in now for $550. In 1 year, that’s a 34.5% depreciation. But according to the article, that is less than the depreciation for one month.

    EDIT: Fix math

  9. Unless you’re piss broke, who cares that an electronics consumer good depreciates in value over time…it’s expected. No one complains that their luxury car loses half it’s value once you drive it off the dealer lot.

  10. I just ordered S10 today. If i deduct a 135 EUR that i got for selling my S7, the S10 will cost me 45 EUR a month (for 24 months) and that includes mobile network plan (25 EUR for device and 20 EUR for mobile plan). I think that’s not too bad.

  11. I bought a barely used practically new 512gb Galaxy note 9 in December for $750. That’s almost half off. Worth it for me but I can see why early adopters would be pissed.

  12. Lets see. **S10 is $899** in US. Samsung offering $200 higher than resell value for certain phones like the LG G6. Unidays or EPP is 7% off.

    **You pay $650 at launch**

    Plus it comes with $130 buds or credit, and it was possible to get $50 off accessories. We’ll call it a fair $120 value.

    So that $899 phone, really only cost you $530, excluding taxes and other junk that are too hard to calculate. Apple holds value better, but Apple also never has preorder deals or anything close to what Samsung and Android manufacturers offer.

  13. Be mature enough to know that you dont need new top of the line phones right away. Not because you could afford it but because your choice as a consumer affects the market.

    We would have much more competitive prices if people were a lot smarter with their choices.

  14. Churning out phones at a rate of over 20 different phone models a year with minimal improvements is not sustainable but sure is profitable if each model has a high change of becoming obsolete in 2 years for most buyers. Manufacturers dont have to mind about the e-waste they generate. Sosialized losses and privatized profits. Tax money goes to e-waste handling.

  15. Deprecation is why I like LG flagships.

    You can get a LG G6 for like $150-200 brand new/mint condition. You can get a LG V30 for like $50-75 more in 9.5/10 barely used condition.

  16. Got my s8 in a BOGO. Finally upgraded to a note 9. Samsung took 300 off and gave me 350 for my s8. Then I got that 7.5% student discount. I paid ~$350 for a brand new phone work 1k at full retail.

    Yeah, never buying a phone for MSRP.

  17. uh…who cares? are there really people that resell their phones every other month? but not, say, their laptop, or desktop, or car? just because theres a niche market of dinks that ‘need’ the next iphone knock off every other month doesnt mean this is news…or interesting…

  18. > Report: Your Samsung Galaxy Depreciates at Alarming Rate, -42% in Month One

    only from the artificially inflated retail price which exists to make the carrier discounted price (which is the real selling price for 99% of devices sold) look better. the actual depreciation rate for most people is much lower. shoddy reporting

  19. As well as your tv, laptop, and any other electrical device/appliance as soon as it touches the sales floor from being taken down from the shipping truck. Not to mention a brand new car when you start putting miles on it.

  20. Still rocking my Galaxy S4 from 2013, running an unofficial Android 9 build from Lineage base with the Feb 2019 security update. Am I phoning wrong? Paid about $640 for it in May of ’13 and thought that was really expensive but it has a removable battery. $1000 for current gen flagship that has enough charge cycles to last a little over 2 years? Seems nuts to me. Samsung probably hates but I’m ok with that.

  21. Pretty clickbaity title though, obviously it depreciates way harder from new. Who’s gonna pay near sticker price when they can just pay sticker and get brand new?

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