Quelles années vous sentez-vous étaient les plus décevants ou impressionnant pour A….

What years do you feel were the most disappointing or impressive for Android, and why?

Avant de comparer un smartphone pliable, il faut toujours analyse les différents appareils disponibles sur le marché. Lequel, permettra vraiment de mater les blagues tous les jours de manière gréable ?

quelles années vous sentez-vous étaient les plus décevants ou impressionnant pour Android et pourquoi ?

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  1. i’ve been using android since donut….

    i’d say the years leading up to jellybean and kitkat were the most exciting. everything before jellybean felt so hacky and unpolished. JB for me felt like android finally came out of beta. and then kitkat was a huge improvement on that.

    those were the years i was very much into custom ROMs in order to get the latest android updates.

    i would say ever since lollipop, i haven’t dabbled in custom ROMs anymore since having the latest and greatest wasn’t much of a concern. i’ve been using sony phones which are close enough to stock.

  2. 2015, the worst year for smartphones. The Snapdragon 808 and 810 made every phone that came out that year into a potato. Overheating garbage processors 👎👎

    Marshmallow was perfectly fine, it was Lollipop but without the bugs. Too bad the hardware for phones running it overheated like crazy lol.

    The only good thing to come out of 2015 for phones was the iPhone 6S, still an amazing phone to this day.

  3. I used to be able to look at just my purchased apps on ~~Google Play~~ the Android Market. But somewhere along the way they removed the feature. I think you can still look it up online under your account, but why wouldn’t they just keep it under the Purchased tab in the Play Store?

    I wish Google had better security on the Play Store as well as actual customer support for it. I keep seeing posts by Devs saying their app was pulled with no way to appeal it. If my income was reliant on those applications, I’d be quite upset.

    I wish Android had a better battery monitor. It’s silly that you can see ‘Android Services’ at the top of the list, but not the application that’s utilizing it 24/7.

  4. For me, 2013 was the best and 2015 was the worst. In 2013 we had my all-time favorite phone (Moto X) as well as some fantastic devices such as the LG G2, Nexus 5, and HTC One M7. In 2015, Qualcomm’s processors made everything overheat, and that’s also when we started to see 5.5″-5.7″ screens become more standard and the decline of the reasonably sized phone (reasonable in my opinion of course…I know plenty of people like phablets but I don’t).

  5. 2015 was the worst because the Snapdragon 810 was a *literal* dumpster fire.

    To put it into context, that was the year where Samsung paid the royalty fees and used Exynos in America. That’s how bad that year’s Snapdragon was.

  6. When the Nexus 4 came out it honestly made every other phone feel outdated for me. I went into a tmobile store to buy another iPhone and side by side the N4 made the iPhone 5 look like a fisher price toy.

    Not to mention how awesome Android looked compared to iOS at that point as well. That and the KitKat update that came shortly after was peak Android for me.

  7. I think 2013-2016 was the best time for Android. Android had finally matured as an operating system and was no longer in the shadow of iOS. Plus, Google’s bold UI redesign in Material 1.0 payed off as it was clearly better than Apple’s flat redesign in iOS 7.

    Speaking of Apple, one of the main reasons I think this was such a good period for Android is because of Apple’s missteps. iOS’s move to a flat design was rocky, and it was compounded by the Apple Maps disaster, « bendgate », and a general lack of innovation on Apple’s part during these years. Android was able establish itself as a cheaper alternative that was in many cases equal to or better than the iOS experience.

    By the release of Oreo though, Google had begun to fall behind Apple in a number of important categories. Apple’s A-Series chips were smoking their Snapdragon equivalents. Flagship Android phones had become roughly the same price as iPhones. And most importantly, iOS v2.0 (iOS 7 – present) had fully matured while Android had taken a step back with Oreo and Pie. As someone who has used both systems, iOS is simply the better OS to use right now. It has less bugs, much smoother animations, and a more pleasing aesthetic. Android Pie on a Pixel 3 XL just feels like a lesser quality knockoff of iOS on a current gen iPhone. Even the areas where specific Android phones offer competitive advantages (value, photography, features etc…) aren’t as pronounced us enthusiasts think they are. Unless someone is on a strict budget, it’s so much easier to recommend an iPhone.

  8. 2016-2018.

    Android regressed in a lot of areas, especially with oreo and pie. Few worthwhile features were added.

    Hardware became obsessed with « premium » materials(read: less functional) and larger and larger screens.

    Design was just a function of « copying » Apple or Samsung.

    2019 has me hopeful, we have a new form factors and companies seem like they might be willing to take risks with sales falling. Google might finally be willing to respond to critisims of their poor software choices.

  9. Things have been going downhill since the Google Assistant was introduced. I know, it’s a weird spot to pick, but it’s true.

    Google Home was the first app to sport the new « Material Theme » UI that wasn’t even given that name until two years later. Since then, it’s been product after product lost to it.

    The Google Assistant also brought about the cancellation of Google Now and many other products that didn’t fit into Google’s « speech-first » interaction model.

    The Assistant is flawed even from a developer perspective. It’s the pinnacle of AB testing and non-transparent interfaces. And most of all, it’s painfully not developed like a traditional app, leading to a notably inferior and inconsistent UI. (The same has happened to the Search app…)

    Today… They cancel products like Inbox, and design updates like Pie. Things were so much better back then for Android.

  10. Been on android since the original Motorola Droid. Left to try an iPhone twice, but always came back to android. Every update brings improvements, but they aren’t always big game changers.

  11. The last 3 years of Android has been entirely unremarkable in terms of the OS. It seems like they’ve just been removing features since Marshmallow

  12. The best Years for me was when JB came out. I loved Gingerbread because there was a lot of custom ROMs for my device, but JellyBean just nailed it.

  13. I started at 1.5 – those were the worst years.


    I remember being really impressed with ICS. Seemed so polished and Holo was way cool back then 🙂

  14. 2014 was the best year, with the OnePlus One (what a revolution), Moto X 2014 (what a beauty!), Nexus 6, and Lollipop.

    2015 was the worst year. Mainly due to the SnapOven 810 and the S6.

  15. I lost the whole fanboy enthusiasm for Android. Now android feels like bunch of loose strings and I don’t think there’s going to be any drastic changes in near future. Below are the reasons why I’m mad –

    1. Removal of Google now and addition of shitty and useless discover feed with rubbish content. Fkin never shows anything useful.
    2. Worse UI design (& we are living in a time where the most demanded feature for Android is dark mode and Google is still not able to deliver)
    3. All HELL broke loose when they revoked substratum theme support. I’m was a big fan of customization, from using custom roms to installing magisk modules to make Android more asthetic and intuitive. I really liked Android but after the release of Android shitpie I was done with it. I sincerely don’t regret switching to iPhone, it might not be as feature rich as android but it hell a lot smoother and has a lot better app selection. Also, I feel stupid that I wasted so many hours on those customizations.
    4. Just why the hell would you remove Inbox?
    5. Still lack of native theme engine.
    6. Everything on Android is a mess; play music, YouTube music, duo, allo, hangouts.
    7. More aggressive advertising in apps.

  16. Note 7, I wanted to buy that phone, but yeah….
    I bought an iPhone, MacBook Air and an iPad. I was full into the ecosystem. The iPhone is my worst purchase, it did ltd then my previous phones and I wanted to try out a new ecosystem.

  17. All Androids suck. I bought a tablet a few years ago and I use it for reading ebooks and magazines. I also watch TV and movies on it. I am so frustrated by the limitations (can’t remove Samsung crap, I need the space) and control they have over the device. Android apps are so lame compared to other OSs. When this tablet finally fails I will buy a laptop and install Linux on it.

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