Quelle fonction Android « supprimés » que vous manquez ?

Which « axed » Android feature do you miss?

Avant d’obtenir un smartphone pliable, il faut toujours analyse les différents modèles disponibles sur le marché. Lequel, permettra vraiment de mater les news chaque jours de manière confortable ?

alors ce poste est en partie environ concernant l’évacuation et partiellement en espérant pour quelqu’un avec plus d’une compréhension du développement de logiciels pour offrir une rétroaction convaincante.

Donc j’ai réfléchi ces derniers temps sur l’évolution d’Android mise à jour depuis le passage de Kit Kat à la sucette. Une chose que j’ai remarqué est que les heures supplémentaires mises à jour sont est amélioré l’expérience de « out of the box » et simplicité visuelle d’ensemble d’Android. Les améliorations de « sous le capot » ont également été stellaires (Pie manipulation des apps de fond par exemple est venu de géant depuis le Kit Kat) et je suis reconnaissant pour toutes ces choses et encore heureusement reprendrait Android IOS n’importe quel jour de la semaine.

Cela dit, je suis constamment gêné par l’enlèvement des fonctionnalités sur une base cohérente. Certains ont été assez volumineux tel que la fonctionnalité très utile de lockscreen widgets entre Kit Kat à la sucette. Certains ont été moins évidents mais toujours très percutant pour utilisateurs expérimentés telles que la suppression de la possibilité d’effacer le cache interne dans le passage de Nougat aux Oreo ou l’enlèvement de la batterie aperçu dans les paramètres étendus rapides quelque part entre Nougat et Pie (don’t Rappelons que la fonctionnalité était toujours présente dans Oreo).

Maintenant, je comprends le tout pensé le processus de faire appel à un public plus large grâce à la simplification de l’interface utilisateur et UX et rendant plus attrayante (même si c’est plus d’un point de vue subjectif, mais je m’égare). La chose qui me dérange, c’est bien la question de savoir si il y a une réelle nécessité pour enlever ces fonctionnalités – dont certains sont si petits que je ne vois pas même au point de les retirer. Le freak de personnalisation en me manque beaucoup lockscreen widgets par exemple. Idk maintenant si il s’agissait d’une nécessité dans le passage à une conception matérielle mais je suis absolument perplexe par pourquoi il y aurait une suppression d’un élément de menu simple qui me permet de nettoyer tout mon cache appareil en un seul clic.

Je ne veux pas radoter car trop longtemps alors je vais juste conclure en posant 2 questions. Quelle fonctionnalité manquez-vous d’une caractéristique préalable du Android et pourquoi pensez-vous qu’il a été supprimé ? Avec impatience vos commentaires…

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36 réflexions au sujet de “Quelle fonction Android « supprimés » que vous manquez ?”

  1. The data usage chart is abominable. Miss the KitKat days with moveable markers. Can’t even tell how much data one uses daily let alone hourly. My guess is that they made it like that so developers can have their day.

  2. I miss Now-on-Tap, especially the function where I could select text from anywhere on the screen (even from pictures and videos). That was super useful when I began learning Japanese because I could simply copy Kanji that I didn’t into my dictionary app.

    To this day Google Assistant cannot do this. :-/

    Now-on-Tap also had a neat « what’s on my screen » function. Assistant has this too but I find that it’s working worse than the old one. Not only is it now a two-step process but most of the time it doesn’t really find what I’m looking for. Whereas Now-on-Tap worked pretty well most of the time.

    tl;dr Now-on-Tap > Assistant

  3. The OG Google Now. I miss getting cards about movie showtimes on Thursday for new releases that weekend, events near me, the weather in colorful cards, and other random goodies. They were actually useful to me and I looked forward to seeing what would randomly pop up on them.

    I think they were removed because it’s Google doing Google things. I liked it better when it learned my routine and would present relevant info than me having to search for them

  4. The clock being on the left side is still annoying and frankly dumb. You’d think Android which once boasted about choice would have an option/fix for that, even ADB can’t. Speaking of choice, having that at all would be nice. God forbid anyone want a device even mildly different these past 2 years, can’t even find something with less than 5.5″ screen anymore.

    Also the notifications area seems to be getting messier with every update. Hope that trend stops.

  5. Ticker notification. Also the delete all notification button on top of all notification like in Kitkat. From Lollipop onwards you have to scroll all the way down to access the delete all button.

  6. Here’s another vote for lock screen widgets. I used them all the time especially with that one that you could add the time, battery estimates, weather, etc. it was called like, DashClock, or something. Really missed it going from 4.x to 5.x.

  7. Recent apps vertically scrolling.. Switching to horizontal and doing away with double tapping that button to fast switch is hands down the worst UI regression I’ve ever seen, ever. I actually went so far as to figure out how to uninstall the default launcher so I could revert that behaviour. It’s unbelievably bad.

  8. Customisation in general, for example there is only gestures now for phones released with Pie, and now you can’t set location to GPS only it’s all in one. Small things but annoying and if I wanted to be told what to do I’d have an iPhone.

  9. Google disables more and more features that could be triggered by tasker; location on/off, data on/off etc. Castrates the usability of Tasker for me, unfortunately.

  10. 1. Call recording. Cant do it in pie unless you root. This is the only reason I root my phone now. I think it was removed for privacy reasons, but its a feature I need.

    2. Used to be able to see the brightness slider with one swipe down, but now you have to swipe down twice. God its annoying. All just to make the dropdown menu shorter. It happened about the same time and update to auto-brightness decided that my screen needs to be ~50% dimmer than I’d like it to be, with no option to change the setting, so I had to switch back to manual brightness.

  11. Photorealistic icons

    The material look all is fine, if apple and google stick to exactly same icons and exactly same functionality for a specific icon. Like the exit board at office or airport. Like men vs women restrooms.

    Instead you as a user have to memorise 200 interface elements and their behaviour.

  12. Profiles, the way the mute, vibration and exception modes worked a few versions back, my god was that a dream always being 100% of what notifications can come through in whatever situation…

  13. Everything in this thread.

    I’ll say the way the battery usage page displayed info. Oreo was excellent. It was so refreshing when I got my Note 9 and saw how it was broken down. Pie makes it impossible to comprehend.

  14. Internal audio recording. Technically this was never built into stock android, but after lollipop Google disabled it so even 3rd party apps can’t access it which makes screen recording pretty redundant.

  15. Being able to bulk move internal memory apps to my SD card. After going to Android Pie, it seems like a lot of this functionality is completely disabled.

  16. I miss ringer volume as the default, and the old design of the volume slider.

    I miss the Material style quick settings toggles, the new iOS Control Center like design is so much uglier.

    Thank you for remembering the battery graphs in Quick Settings, I had forgotten them and miss them (they weren’t in Oreo…).

    And now I’m already starting to miss square cornered elements…

  17. > The customization freak in me really misses lockscreen widgets for instance.

    I kind of miss this just because I never got a chance to use them. My first phone was stuck at Android 4.1 and my next phone jumped me to 6.0.

    Another feature I miss is the battery history graph that showed your mobile signal, wifi, when your phone was awake, when the screen was on, etc.

  18. Google Now ring, activated by swiping up from navigation bar. Custom ROMs worked with it to provide additional options on the ring, like screen off and screenshot. Entirely possible to operate the device without pressing physical buttons (assuming your device has double-tap to wake, a very common feature at that time).

    That swipe up gesture is still my preferred method to activate Google (customised that gesture in Nova launcher). I fucking hate now on tap, or whatever long-press gesture they are doing now.

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