Quelle est votre Version préférée de Android ?

What is Your Favorite Android Version?

Avant de comparer un smartphone pliable, il faut toujours regarder les différents appareils disponibles sur le marché. Lequel, permettra vraiment de regarder les jokes tous les jours de manière confortable ?

pour moi, c’est Android KitKat – spécifiquement, version 4.4.3 comme il est venu avec un bâti dans le gestionnaire d’autorisations qui a été désactivé dans 4.4.4. 3 bonnes raisons : 1. il s’agit de la dernière fois le Ticker de Notification a été activé dans Android. Meilleure façon de recevoir des notifications sans perturber votre tâche en cours.
2. Bloquez les widgets de l’écran. La capacité d’accéder aux infos sans déverrouillage de votre appareil a été super utile.
3. Holo thème/design – même si c’était descente tonique par puis, lui encore regardé beaucoup plus attractif que la conception matérielle fait maintenant.

S’il vous plaît partagez votre version préférée et top 3 raisons !

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47 réflexions au sujet de “Quelle est votre Version préférée de Android ?”

  1. Either Kitkat or Oreo for me. Holo design would have been amazing for the whole dark mode craze. Notification ticker and the CRT screen off animation were awesome.

    I felt like Pie was a downgrade overall. Gestures and horizontal recents are meh. You can’t even see notifications when you pull down quick toggles all the way.

  2. KitKat 4.4 for being the most stable/feature rich, and Nougat for being the most well rounded Android before Google decided to fuck things up for everyone by trying to push stupid design methodology and going full Apple in the worst way.

  3. Fuck, forgot the notification ticker… RIP

    4.2 was nice – last version to not neuter the SD Card, though we have MOSTLY gotten back there with proper permission models. Just some legacy apps that still have trouble with SDCards (a couple console emulators, nothing too big).

  4. * Android KitKat 4.4.x as Nexus 4 was my first smartphone I owned. Not sure about Jellybean and below but I feel KitKat was the most lightweight Android version Google has ever made.
    * Lollipop 5.1.x Lollipop was the first UI overhauled with Material Design. I chose 5.1.x as the very first 5.0.x was really buggy. Despite the different opinion of UI changes, I really like the first Material Design not just the OS but also the apps as well.
    * 6.0.x Marshmallow is pretty much more stable Material Design Android.
    * 7.0.x Nougat has the best and customizable quick settings and tiles. Love it! Nougat isn’t just about forms, it’s also about functions. The double tap Recent buttons to quickly swap the first two cards opened is a great addition to stock android (just like Cyanogenmod long-pressed Recent button). And we can’t forget about the multi-window long-press Recent key as well! Oh and also was the first granular permission control.
    * 8.0 Oreo I have never used, but looking at the UI it’s a blindingly white Android Nougat.
    * 9.0 Pie is butt ugly and the so called Material Design 2.0

    TL;DR I like KitKat and Nougat the best

    Edit: Nougat also added quick swap and multi-windows functionality into Android.

    Edit2: Granular permission control

  5. 1) Oreo

    Pie has been a HUGE step back in terms of usability and function. They copied iOS but a lot of the implementation and gestures are worse. Oreo and the vertical app switcher were fantastic

    2) Kitkat.

    Clean, simple, last android OS that focused on information density, after this the amount of white space has just continued to get worse and worse.

  6. hard to say as android version only means so much. many have never used stock, just various android skins. touchwiz kitkat had a lot of features i’d miss if i had to use stock instead. of course touchwiz aged terribly, but that was fixed by debloated ROMs

    it’s like asking which linux version is best without mentioning any distros (though not as extreme)

  7. This topic comes up every so often, and at this point KitKat is almost provably the best version. Runners up are Oreo and Gingerbread.

    KitKat is also the only time I remember there being actual hype for an Android version. Among my family and social circles, I’ll occasionally hear talk of the latest iOS – « Did you get the new iOS update? » « Did you see/try the new <iOS feature>? » etc, etc. Never heard any real life talk about Gingerbread, ICS, Marshmallow, and so on. But KitKat? Oh man, plenty of talk about that – « My sister’s phone just got KitKat and it’s so cool! » « My dad’s new phone has KitKat, I want it! » « Will my phone get KitKat? » « Is there any way I can upgrade to KitKat early? »

    KitKat was truly something special, and likely mobile OS perfection. We just didn’t realize it at the time.

  8. ICS! Holoyolo! But seriously I loved the green in gingerbread and then really loved the blue in ICS and the new look of ICS really made android look like a fully loaded, professional operating system

  9. First KitKat.. and then Nougat, it brought useful things like split screen, night light(live display is so perfect) and improved doze.
    I totally agree it was most polished version.

  10. Lollipop as it was the first Android I used, bit of nostalgia lol

    Had a Nokia N9 before and after that a Windows Phone (which could have been really cool if it had gotten more apps). Then came Lollipop and I was happy with Android for the first time (didn’t really like it before) and I sticked to Android ever since.

    Oreo was cool too, my first beta on the Nexus 5X, I was so excited lol

  11. This is gonna be an unpopular one, but I’m gonna go ahead and say it:

    Pie. Pie is my favorite Android version.

    The material 2.0 redesign looks amazing in my opinion. They removed the pointless transparency effects that only hurt readability, added padding to the notification shade which again, helps readability. They also gave the QS tiles a unified look, and added colors are always welcome. The colored settings icons are also great, it’s much easier to navigate quickly.

    The new volume controls are actually great in my opinion, it now occupies a less-utilized section of the screen and takes up less space in general. Being able to switch between mute, vibrate and ring with a single tap makes so much more sense than constantly sliding the rockers up and down which feels clunky and can become a little time consuming.

    Pie also added some of my favorite QOL features, such as a quick-switch button for different keyboards, the option to quickly disable notifications that you constantly dismiss, and manual screen rotation.

    Of course the new app switcher does suck ass in just about every way. Thankfully a single ADB command will return you to the Oreo app switcher, so I really don’t see this as a major downside. Plus if you’re rooted, the new app switcher actually opens you up to much more customization options as you can use third party app switchers or even modded ones taken from other OEMs such as OnePlus.

    Although I do have my reasons for loving Pie, I can understand why this isn’t a popular opinion.
    Many people love split screen, and the removal of the shortcut was unnessecsary. (I personally have never found a use for it considering Picture in Picture exists, but to each their own)
    The removal of the drop down settings for WiFi and Bluetooth was also pointless. (again, this personally doesn’t effect me as I love wired headphones and rarely have to visit the WiFi menu anyways)

    Thanks for coming to my TED talk, you may now impale me with your flaming pitchforks.

  12. Jelly Bean (4.1). [Tablet UI](https://www.reddit.com/r/Android/comments/1kuv34/flash_friday_aug_22nd_2013_your_weekly_rom_thread/cbswz4s) was still present, then KitKat neutered the layout. It was also the heyday of Paranoid Android. I don’t like that phones today are going ultra tall, using notches, and rounding corners. They’re all trade-offs and bring some gains, but for me the sacrifices don’t justify the design choices.

    My ideal phone/OS would be a Note9 shortened to fit a 16:9 display, with a flat screen (still 2.5D glass ofc). I like the stereo speakers on my 3XL but I like the smaller top/bottom bezels more. Also, Samsung’s speakers sound noticeably better. Then, I’d have Pie with a Tablet UI like above. I wouldn’t mind the pill so much if it (and the back button) were squashed to the left and the notification bar sat on the right. Think the Windows taskbar.

    It would be nice if interactive elements tended to sit toward the bottom and the top half was mostly for viewed content.

    I also miss Google Now. I don’t recall if it was a module or an in-built feature of PA, but you could set multiple functions for the swipe-up-from-home method of triggering Google Now. Before the double-tap power for the camera, I would just swipe up from the home button (like you would to trigger Google Now) but then go to the right and open the camera. On the left was my flashlight. I had a bunch of very quick shortcuts to lesser used functions like this. They were out of visibility but always available. Even if you used them infrequently, something like quickly activating the flashlight or camera could be a huge convenience in the right situation.

  13. Man i miss the ticker SO MUCH in KitKat

    Doesnt make me feel like I’m being bombarded by notifications when i least wanted it.


    Now it’s like

    Watching Youtube in full screen, landscape?

    BAM, Thick fat notification appears!

    Wanna get rid of it by swiping? Ohhh wait you’ve just clicked the notification, opening the app.

  14. Depends on what device.

    Samsung (and other OEM’s where their own UI version is much more important than the Android version like MIUI) Pie is the best not because Pie is good but because the OEM « variants » paired with Pie are the best.

    Near AOSP devices? Oreo, Pie just takes away a lot of useful features and make the OS more iPhone like (can’t change networks or connect to Bluetooth devices from quick settings, have to go into settings to change other volumes like a neanderthal etc…)

  15. Oreo.

    Oreo was the last version that I accept as Android. Since then it’s turned into this iOS inspired horseshit, with removing features and bubble-baby UI…

  16. I like the newest version available. It always gets smoother, more features, polished, etc.

    Sounds fanboy, but it’s true. I always update day 1 to a new version whenever I can.

  17. I still have a Note 5 on Nougat and I’m on my Note 8 with Oreo. I think they’re both great and I really don’t see a need for anything more than those tbh (besides from a design standpoint). I’d rock an S10 with Nougat and my daily usage wouldn’t change much. I do think having access to Samsung themes, Good Lock and Nova Launcher make a huge difference in making your phone feel modern, even if it’s on an older OS.

  18. I have to say the latest. I did like KitKat tho. I remember my Droid. Using lollipop the first time, that was a change.

    My tablet still has lollipop, runs good for the most part still.

  19. I’ve only been on Android for a little while (late into Nougat’s life cycle). Between Nougat, Oreo, and Pie I’d honestly have to say that Oreo was overall my favorite.

    There are a few new features in Pie that are nice, but they also changed things in favor of design (rather than functionality) and that just bugs me.

    Edit: Grammar

  20. Nougat or Oreo for me. They’re essentially the same thing.

    While KitKat was stable and good for the time, it is so dated looking now, I wouldn’t use anything lower than marshmallow right now.

  21. My favorite is easily Oreo. But, my favorite custom rom is Havoc OS on Pie. Lollipop to Nougat was a disaster imo. Kitkat to me, was the first truly usable Android firmware lol

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