Quelle est votre opinion impopulaire concernant Android qui sera necessaril…

What is your unpopular opinion regarding Android which will necessarily go against the overall feeling of this subreddit?

je peux obtenir crucifié pour dire cela, mais pour moi, la boîte de réception n’est pas aussi spécial que ce subreddit rend être. J’ai utilisé la boîte de réception pendant 6 mois et constaté que Gmail est presque aussi bon que la boîte de réception. J’ai littéralement ne manquera rien quand Google tire sa prise.

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  1. Your camera is fine. It doesn’t matter what phone you have. Your camera is better than 99% of the cameras that have ever existed. You wan to take great pictures? Take a goddamn photography course, take your phone, and learn how to use it properly.

  2. •Nobody needs 12GB of RAM on a phone. Serious gaming on a smartphone is joke and distracts companies from making solid AAA titles on pc and consoles because the microtransaction model is a licence to print money. See Diablo. I’ll wait a year or more for a good game to go on sale in steam for less than $40, but some dude will drop $2000 in coins on some Clash of Clans reskin. It’s killing the gaming industry

    •I don’t give a shit about Chinese super phones, I’ve worked in telecom since BlackBerry and have seen one in the wild. One. Someone posted an article in this sub called « The ten best phones for T-Mobile », 9 of the ten phones were not available in store or through the website.

    •The only reason flagship phones sell in the numbers they do is because idiots who wouldn’t use 99% of the features on a phone fill their phones with scam apps, sketchy launchers, and bullshit performance boosters and virus scanners. Then they complain about their brand new S9 is running slow, while the only « legitimate » app they use is Facebook. If say Samsung put a super sharp camera on mediocre phone for $300, that would be their biggest seller of all time.

    •The google play store is a cesspool that preys on the technologically ignorant, stupid people, and children. Hate to say it, but at least Apple has some kind of quality control.

    •If a phone was manually reset without taking the lock screen off, requiring a gmail password to start up. It should say that on the first screen in big letters to deter theft and reselling.

  3. I think we may be hitting « peak Android », the point where Android itself starts becoming less distinguishable from iOS . This is happening as Google starts to lock down things making it harder to root or install ROMs, making it harder to automate certain features, tightens up permissions while Apple starts to gradually add in customization features to iOS.

  4. Keyboard sliders were nice.
    You don’t need a quick swap battery.
    Indicator LEDs are good.
    Samsung will always be janky.
    iPhones are much faster and smoother.
    Gaming on a phone is dumb.
    The fewer apps you have, the better.
    Front speakers are better than no bezels.

  5. I dont like google photos, it’s nice that it backs stuff up, but the fact that if I need to restore my photos in the same folder hierarchy that I have on my phone, I cant do that. I find it far more convenient to just back up my photos to my computer once a week or so

  6. My Samsung Galaxy Note 3 was the best experience I had with an Android phone.

    The industry has been downgrading the experience ever since.

    – non-removable batteries
    – no SD card slot
    – glass, rather than plastic back/sides
    – the move away from 16:9 screens
    – removal of headphone jack

  7. Not specifically about android but I agree with Juan Bagnell’s take ([6:03-6:51](https://youtu.be/70JLkowlGXs?t=363)) on ‘average user’ argument. If we want tech to progress rather than regress, there’s no point in talking about the lowest common denominator as who tech companies should strive to satisfy. Saying to someone « but the average user… » is only good for shutting down discussions.

  8. I hate gestures. iPhone type, OnePlus type, etc, doesn’t matter. It’s stupid. It’s just the same stupid as when Apple decided a trackpad was better than a mouse and had gesture.

    Buttons all day any day for me.

  9. 99.99% population using android will not root their phones and have no idea what a custom ROM is. One should not expect that anyone can just root their phone and add the latest ROM to get latest android version. It is the manufacturer’s job to provide that.

  10. If Samsung never existed, Android would have died years ago. Let’s be real here… The only thing keeping that boat afloat is Samsung phones, no other Android OEM comes close to the amount of sales that Samsung phones get.

  11. Planned obsolescence by lack of software security updates is worse than what apple does with their batteries and CPU throttling. At least, a battery can be replaced; not much you can do once an OEM stops pushing updates to your device after two years.

  12. Oh oh, I’ll play. Samsung phones are nowhere near as good as this sub makes them out to be. That excludes the S10, which I have not had the opportunity to use, but aside from the display, I have yet to be impressed with one of their devices. I really hate their software, and redundant, preinstalled apps.

  13. Every time people talk about Samsung phones and how smooth they’ve become it’s always lies.

    Even just scrolling, you can noticeably see frame delay and especially if you take a slow motion video of it. There’s also a weird input delay between tapping an icon and the app opening, and hitting the home button/gesture and actually starting the transition home.

    If Samsung truly figured out how to make their software smooth and responsive, people wouldn’t have to say *each year* how it’s finally smooth and responsive

  14. Samsung software is still annoying and bloated (albeit much less so), and still does not feel as smooth as Google’s. The inevitable slowdown after a few months still happens on the newer phones.

  15. Plastic is a better material for phones than glass.

    Bezels are good.

    Headphone jacks are a must.

    Thick phones with big batteries are better than thin phones.

    Curved edge screens should go – can’t properly apply glass screen protector.

    Old screen ratio phones were better – I don’t like tall skinny phones.

  16. Im fine with Google tracking my data if that means making Android better. I have nothing to hide, and trust Google.

    Unpopular opinion because the general feeling about privacy is that it isnt about having anything to hide (insert snowden quote).

  17. The notch on the Pixel 3 XL has never been an issue. I don’t even notice it at all when using the phone.

    I’m also cool with my phones not having a headphone jack (but I understand why people want one).

  18. Google has no goddamn idea what they are doing anymore with anything they have their hands on, and that especially includes the Android ecosystem. They just keep making the wrong choices in recent years and pursuing the wrong ideals for the sake of being relevant in the wrong way.

  19. Android went from a highly customizable- Dev/tinker friendly OS to a form over function powered OS as a Google products and services haven.

    Also Android will likely be phased out entirely in name.

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