Quelle application a besoin d’une interface utilisateur révision ?

What app needs a UI overhaul?

Avant d’acheter un smartphone pliable, il faut toujours voir les différents modèles disponibles sur le marché. Lequel, permettra vraiment de mater les news chaque jours de manière gréable ?

le dégoûtant UI m’a fait arrêter d’utiliser WhatsApp tous ensemble

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  1. Unpopular opinion but Spotify is horrible imo. If you disagree, explain to older people how to Chromecast their own library. It’s horrible, the most basic functions are hidden. There are likes and these check boxes. On the same place. With completely different functions. All depending on where you are listening music. Your own library of songs is hidden behind 2 taps (it used to be much worse). There is an entire tab for search, why not just add it on the top so that it always stays there? Why do you need to start playing stuff before you can cast it? Or the amazing feature that when you are looking at an artist, you can see at most 10 songs of them without going digging in the albums Jesus christ

  2. Signal needs a major UI update, but the problem is that it just got one not too long ago. They haven’t kept up with modern design well and they need a larger team for development in general. I like the idea of the app, but they’re way behind other apps both feature and design wise.

  3. The WhatsApp app adheres properly to most of the Material Design guidelines so I wouldn’t really say it’s ‘bad’ imo…but damn the custom incoming call dialog they put in is ugly, why can’t the incoming call thing behave like the default Phone app (show a notification with Accept/Reject) instead of filling the screen with this ugly glob of green.

  4. For the weebs that still pay for it, crunchyroll. It’s no wonder that pirate sites are kicking their ass. If needs to be more fluid, better player, and a better design.

    Play music as well, though I doubt that’ll happen. Haven’t tried YouTube music, and prolly won’t with Spotify existing

  5. WhatsApp’s Windows Phone 8.1 UI from 4 years ago is still better than their current UI on Android.

    YouTube music’s UI is better than YouTube’s and that’s still not great.

    Reddit is just the worst.

    Inbox app was a masterclass on how to do good UI and UX and Gmail app is the opposite.

    Also, dark mode all the things.

  6. The two main ones I can think of now are Whatsapp and Spotify, while Whatsapp is just plain ugly, Spotify is just getting worse and worse with the update.

  7. DisneyNOW.

    Every time I switch from it to a different app, then go back to it, I have to wait for it to reload, then wait another 10-15 seconds for it to reconnect to the Chromecast it was casting to (if it does at all), and then I have to search for the show I want rather than having a Netflix-style list.

    **EVERY. TIME.**

    I know this won’t sound like a big deal to a lot of you, but try dealing with that when you have a toddler. It blows.

  8. How about Audible?

    On the surface level it’s not too bad. Pretty standard, but their recent (well, supposedly came out almost a year ago, but I only got it when I upgraded to Pie) update to the player design just boggles my mind. Sleep Timer seems like a pretty commonly used feature? Let’s hide it under unnecessary click, under a tiny button on the top of the fucking screen, leaving half of the screen unused. Ugh…

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