Quel fabricant de téléphones que vous préférez encore d’acheter un téléphone de ?

What phone manufacturer do you still prefer to buy a phone from?

Avant de choisir un smartphone pliable, il faut toujours voir les différents modèles disponibles sur le marché. Lequel, permettra vraiment de lire les news tous les jours de manière confortable ?

quel fabricant de téléphones préférez-vous encore d’acheter un téléphone de ?

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  1. I actually enjoy OnePlus devices. They’re cheap, offer compelling value, and consistently update their devices.

    Sure there’s a few shortcomings, but nothing major I can’t deal with.

  2. I just bought a XZ3 from Sony. I’ve now had the z3, z3c, z5c, xz1c, and how the XZ3.

    I like the updates, the included LTE bands have always been great for travel, no Bluetooth issues, no GPS issues, cameras are ok, nfc.

    The aosp support for various models is a nice touch.

    Prior to that I had Nexus Galaxy, S, and 4.

    I’ve been extremely satisfied with the transition, I may have gone Samsung if they weren’t all in on touch wiz when Google ended the Nexus program.

    I keep looking at less expensive options but Sony a few months after release is competitive and I don’t see stories about data mining, at least not yet.

  3. I’ll be getting the OnePlus 7 in June 2019, then won’t be upgrading hopefully until OnePlus 10 in June 2022. That will hopefully last me until June 2025 at which time point I either stick with OnePlus or if I can afford it the Samsung Galaxy S16+ (if it exists then of course).

    Thats the plan anyway 🙂


    Word added.

  4. LG. Great featureset and the price is honestly pretty good if you wait 6 months. Plus, all of my devices from them have been essentially bulletproof. I’m able to abuse my V30 like none other and it just keeps kicking.

  5. Google. I know people say its hardware is crap and that it needs more ram but honestly I really like the design and the software. It just works. More seamless integration with other hardware and software products would be nice though

  6. Xiaomi, especially the Android One series, because it has a great community, jacks, SD slot, and unlockable bootloaders

    Next in line is LG. I’m lucky that my Optimus Black and G3 do not suffer anything, and they also offer things I need – the jack, the SD slot, and although limited, their unlock bootloader policy is much more friendly than Samsung.

  7. For hardware: LG
    Software : Google

    I had a Nexus 5 and 5X (although I wish I had forked out for the HTC 6p but at the time I thought it was too big lol) Then got an OG Pixel XL late in the game for too much money considering how the unlimited storage and updates are done and it doesn’t feel so snappy anymore which seems weird for the specs, mb a ram issue but it sometimes chugs playing 1440p video or loading random apps.

    Pixel was nice but pie really slowed it down and then Fi offered free devices with the travel on Fi promo and I almost got the regular pixel 3 (XL is beyond fugly) but opted for the much better specd V35 after a little bit of disappointment from my OG Pixel, the magic of the nexus line is missing from the pixels imo. The v35 is amazing hardware blows away pixels but I’m still on Android 8.0. My OG pixel is ahead of this thing lol.

  8. Oneplus. Seems to me that this company has the cheapest flagship phones that come with ALL of the following North American LTE bands:

    2, 4, 12, 66, and 71.

    Can Huawei or Xiaomi say that?

    Samsung, Apple, LG are a bit more expensive.

  9. Samsung. Really the only downside is the non removable battery.. but that ship sailed back in 2014/2015. And the curved edges.. NOOO, JUST STOP IT SAMSUNG, NO. NO!

    Went from a Note 3, to 5, to S7, to the Note 9. My favorite of the bunch is the Note 3.

    I chose Samsung because they consistently have the best screens. That’s really what drives my phone purchases now a days. That and a headphone Jack.

    Amoled screens are just great. Only downside is my S7 had burn in from YouTube because I listened to so many podcasts.

  10. Surprised to see so few LG comments.

    I’m pretty satisfied with my V30 overall. One thing I’d love to do is compare music played on my phone with wired headphones with another phone that provides good sound quality.

  11. Razer, they’re the only company willing to make a phone that doesn’t have tiny or no bezels, or a curved screen, or any dumb gimmicks. The phones have shortcomings and I’m doubting we’ll see a third model, but the only phone that I’m interested in at the moment is the Razer Phone 2. Everything else is the same glass and metal curved slab with marginal performance and quality increases over the last model and nothing to set it apart or be unique.

    Razer still has a 120hz screen, 4Kmah battery and two fucking amazing speakers with a camera that is perfectly acceptable for everyday use. I was given a Oneplus 6 recently and it’s nice but I can’t see myself using it over my Razer Phone for as long as it’s alive

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