Que vous les gars pensent l’événement Apple orientée services d’aujourd’hui ?

What do you guys think about today’s services oriented Apple event?

Avant d’acquérir un smartphone pliable, il faut toujours voir les différents appareils disponibles sur le marché. Lequel, permettra vraiment de lire les jokes chaque jours de manière gréable ?

titre dit tout…

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24 réflexions au sujet de “Que vous les gars pensent l’événement Apple orientée services d’aujourd’hui ?”

  1. So many subscriptions.

    People already subscribe to Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, Spotify, etc.

    What they announced are not going to be cheap either.

    Also the credit card seems pretty useless overall…

  2. Well, this isn’t android related but..

    It’s not relevant to me personally since 90% of it was aimed at Americans. News subscription? For £9.99? No thanks.

    Apple credit card? US only

    Apple arcade, only announced, no price and only 100 ish games? No thanks

    Apple TV+? Announced, no individual trailers, lots of fluff and shit talking, no price announced, original content aimed at the American market. No thanks. I’ll stick to my Skybox.

    Over all, there was literally nothing for me at all during this presentation.

  3. While the credit card is meh overall, there are a few advantages (security, easy to use statements and management, no fees, etc) that I hope other card companies have to match to compete.

    Games thing is actually very promising. I love artsy indie mobile games and wish more of em existed, and I think apple doing this is gonna help grow that leg of the gaming market a ton.

    Magazines pretty neat too, pretty good deal, I can imagine a lot of newsy friends getting it so they no longer have paywalls keeping them from reading big new stories.

    The television things weren’t presented well at all, except for the hotel one because whatever his name is is a very talented speaker and writer who knows how to sell a product.

    As for the presentation itself, it was shockingly mediocre. I have a feeling this presentation might come to be a metaphor for Apple’s streaming service. There clearly was so much micromanaging that the message got muddled and it was dull to watch despite the involvement of so many A level celebrities. Almost felt like a school presentation day in science class where groups of kids took turns yapping about different species of mammals or something.

  4. Not interested.

    I would’ve been interested if Apple launched a YouTube competitor. I’m not interested in a crappy version of Netflix. I’m not willing to pay for News when mainstream media has proven itself to be incredibly biased and unreliable. I’m not willing to pay for app subscriptions because I’d rather buy games individually than sift through a collection of bygone hits. I think all three of these services will create captive markets and less choice for consumers.

  5. Paying for news/magazines is a pretty weak idea considering I can find the info on better sites for free.

    If the video game subscription has no micro transactions then I’d do that if I had kids. I wouldn’t do it for myself. 99% of mobile games are pretty boring.

    Apple’s new TV platform will live or die based on how good the Apple shows are. If they’re anything like Netflix’s quality then thats a biiiiiig No.

  6. I’ve been reading some of the reactions from the Apple sub, and I don’t think they fully realize what a stroke of genius it was to get Oprah on board for TV+. Oprah isn’t for the tech-tinkering market. Oprah is solely for the soccer moms and the retirees. Maybe not the biggest market, but an influential one.

  7. Late to the game.

    I already stream tv and can get news from anywhere.

    I already have a credit card.

    I own an Xbox One, I don’t need any more gaming devices or services.

  8. I think the credit card will be wildly successful.

    It’s mediocre as a rewards card though. I currently get 2% back on everything, regardless of physical card or NFC. Not even considering rotating through signup bonuses.

    It has relatively low fees, but I haven’t paid a single credit card fee for the various credit cards I’ve owned for over a decade…

  9. Crap, the Apple Card was the only interesting announcement. Although Samsung Pay which is accepted in a lot more places (even if it isnt advertised), does Cash Back Rewards UP TO 20%, obviously considering where you’re shopping. Combined with your credit cards cash back rewards, the actual cash back % is a lot more.

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