Que pensez-vous de la série « Galaxy J » ?

What do you think about the « Galaxy J » Series?

récemment, beaucoup de services de téléphonie comme Metro PCS et Cricket ont été « donner » téléphones comme le Galaxy J7 et J3. Il a été sursaturer le marché.

Bien sûr, il est idéal pour les gens d’avoir des téléphones pour la première fois, mais chaque nouveau modèle qui sort est la même chose. Par exemple, le premier de J7 Galaxy et la Prime 2. Les 2 premier est fondamentalement remanié mais le même processeur, caméra et écran ! Et les téléphones se cassent très facilement.

J’ai une fois avions un J7 Pro et j’ai eu pendant presque 7 mois, jusqu’à ce que j’ai laissé tomber il pieds 1 et l’écran Super AMOLED a fait une brûlure dans laquelle a grandi plus grand et plus grand jusqu’à ce que mon écran n’était plus fonctionnel.

En outre, lorsque vous achetez un de ces téléphones, vous êtes enfermé dans un 30 dollars un contrat de mois pour les téléphones de 90 dollar ! C’est fou ! Honnêtement, j’éviterais ces téléphones.

TL ; DR : Ne pas faire confiance J téléphones de la série, car ils utilisent des processeurs horribles, mauvaise conception, affiche moyen sur un prix qui est respectivement pas bon. Pensez ce que vous pensez, mais s’en tenir juste autour pour le M10, M20 et M30. Ou casser plus de 200 dollars pour un 6 OnePlus. JMO si.

Edit : Je tiens aussi à ajouter que le soutien au cours de ces téléphones est quasi inexistante ! Si vous avez importé le téléphone, et il est venu avec une faille, qui appelleriez-vous ? J’ai essayé d’appeler Samsung nous mais ils ont dit qu’ils ne savent même pas quel pays mon téléphone provenait donc je me suis retrouvée dans le noir. Si c’est des États-Unis, ils auraient suffit de remplacer toute parce que la réparation coûterait trop cher pour un téléphone qui mérite d’être trop peu. Juste se méfier.

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  1. I agree, longevity wise they are a rip off. For emulation, camera, security, being used in an Enterprise setting, cellular bands…they are potato phones. If you working at a budget, the best substitutes would be previous flagships or devices using a snapdragon 600/700 series chip real mid rangers

  2. samsung’s non-flagships have a reputation for being overpriced, they have terrible naming schemes, and there are next to no ROMs for the ones i checked (which is troubling since i can’t imagine samsung’s skin runs very well unless it’s missing a lot of functionality compared to its flagships). that’s the extent of my knowledge

  3. Here in Singapore I don’t know why Samsung even bother selling them.

    Compared to the Xiaomi A2 lite I just bought, the equivalent Samsung j4+, has a lower resolution screen, less ram and storage, smaller battery, only one camera and worse software android one vs Samsung skin thingy. The older j series has removable battery which is later omitted in the current phones and with that goes their only selling point.

  4. I’m curious what Samsung will do for the j series this year. The j7 line has always got at least some of my attention but I think they are discontinued for 2019, some rumors said the m line replaces them but I can’t imagine the m20 or m30 coming out in the US.

  5. I’m currently using a J7 Pro (bought last May) and it’s still kicking. The battery is still fine, average usage around 10% every one hour. The phone rarely lags, but admittedly the GPU is quite crappy. Also the software update ain’t bad either, though this phone is always on the bottom, and I’m still on Nov security patch. I’ve already got Oreo and supposedly Pie will arrive this July.

    Overall, for my first Samsung smartphone, I’m happy with it. But I’ll probably go higher next time cause my usage is quite heavy.

  6. My cousin bro owns a J7 Prime. Honestly speaking, it’s a shitty phone. Sure, it looks neat and has a smooth software, but it looks like any generic mid-tier Samsung phone in the last decade. Plus, most of them are dead in the software update department, and they are as fragile as glass. I’d recommend you to get a different phone in the same price range such as Poco F1 or MI A2 or something like that. Anything but Samsung will do, for any Samsung that costs less than an One Plus device is honestly not worth it. Hell, even my LG Q6 is faster than that phone.

  7. Have a j7 prime right now, i bought it because my old phone suddenly broke and needed a cheap replacement quick, i honestly don’t have any problem except the occasional lag but that’s it

  8. J series sells extremely well where I live since where not USA. I never understood America’s way of using phone providers but here, you don’t have to be tied to a contract. You can buy the phone unlocked extremely easy and place any SIM card you want. In fact it’s kinda uncommon seeing someone actually using a provider lock phone. And overall it’s kinda good for people who can’t afford a shiny new S series phone every year. Obviously the A series is leagues better but you get what you pay, can’t complain to much when your paying 1/4 or 1/3 flagship price. Although they are giving away a J4 if you buy the S10/e/+

  9. If you’re someone who doesn’t game or just want to give the kid a WiFi device. They’re ok.

    Though, the US is getting ripped off. Usually they only have 2GB of RAM with plastic builds. While here in Asia, the upper end of the J series are now built out of metal with 3/4GB of RAM.

    Still though, if your country has the LTE bands and don’t mind importing it if you’re in America. I’d go with Xiaomi since you get more with your money.

  10. I don’t think Samsung sells many J series phones here in the U.S. The mid and low end market are dominated by LG and Motorola which is why they’re the #3 and #4 smartphone manufacturers in the U.S. respectively. The J series in general sucks and I’m surprised that anyone was purchasing them.

    I’ve been watching Samsung’s new A and M series devices that were just released in India and if they were to release them in the U.S. at a similar price, they’d do serious damage to LG and Motorola for sure. I could see prepaid carriers selling tons of them.

  11. I’m currently using a J6. Cost me £120 unlocked and it’s absolutely fine from a performance POV. Battery life is great and it does everything I need it to do. I really had 0 expectations going in as I need a phone quickly and didn’t want to pay a lot so for me it’s really good value. I have an iPhone 7 for work and the J6 holds up really well in comparison. Battery on the J6 absolutely blows the iPhone out of the water.

    Sure it looks pretty basic and lacks the bells and whistles but I just don’t see the point in spending flagship money for something that gives slight improvement over something I use to access Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and a few games here and there

  12. My experience with my J7 2017 has been great so far. It has a fantastic screen, built quality, battery life and speaker. The downside are that the camera and internals are nothing special.

  13. I don’t think the problem here is the J series as much as it is the irrational attachment to the carrier based model. Buy a $90 phone, put a sim in it. You won’t care if you drop it in a few months time. Edit. But on regards to the J series, overpriced, under specced. Just get a Xiaomi or Honor instead. Better hardware for less money.

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