Que doit savoir un nouvel utilisateur d’android pour personnalisation/optimisation ?

What should a new android user know for customization/optimization?

je suis à la recherche de quelques conseils qui pourraient obtenir de moi (ou quelqu’un qui a converti à android) a commencé sur la personnalisation ou l’optimisation des fonctionnalités qu’un nouvel utilisateur ne peut pas savoir. Des conseils, astuces ou des suggestions qu’il serait grandement apprécié.

Contexte : Je suis sur mon deuxième téléphone Samsung (S9), et j’ai jamais vraiment essayé d’explorer ce que je peux faire avec elle (par rapport aux produits apple) pour mieux convenir à mes désirs/besoins. Je me considère comme lettré tech mais aucun où près comme n’avancé comme certains d’entre vous.

Je ne pas poster ou commenter reddit beaucoup, mais autant que je sache, une question comme cela est conforme aux lignes directrices pour cette sub.

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  1. The biggest thing would be the launcher, which is basically the homescreen. You weren’t allowed to change anything on your homescreen for iOS, but on Android you have the option to change default apps, including the homescreen. You can install launchers that allow you to change grid size for icons, the icon theme itself, gestures and more.

    A popular launcher is Nova Launcher. You could check out other people’s setups over at /r/androidthemes

  2. People always mention the launcher (home screen), and rightfully so because that’s the one single change that will make the most visible difference. But the coolest thing to me is how you can replace most default apps:

    * Launcher
    * Browser
    * SMS app
    * Phone app
    * Files app
    * Assistant app
    * Apps that open most types of links (eg, YouTube links, Reddit links, Twitter links, etc.)
    * Apps that open most types of files (eg, PDFs, JPGs, etc.)

    Changing defaults is really easy, too. If you don’t like your default Phone app, install a new one from the Play Store and it will usually just prompt you on first-run to set it as the new default Phone app. If not, you can go to Settings and search for « Default Apps » to change it manually. For the default file and link handlers, it’s even easier. Just install an alternative, then the next time you open one of those links or files, Android will ask you which app to use to open it. Choose the new app, then press « Always. »

  3. Yes. What Dividinq said. I switched to Android 18 months ago and I just started with Nova Launcher and was totally happy with that. As time went on I just learned more as I wanted /needed to do more.

  4. The very first thing you should do is go over the system settings with a fine toothed comb. Then do the same for all user apps settings. There are a lot of options there, far more than iOS.

  5. Play with the theme manager, and GoodLock!! It’s all you need to do. You can also look into launchers like Nova is you want laods of customisations, or try lawnchair if you want to look like stock google pixel rom which is quite nice tied in with the theme manager and good lock.

  6. I’ve been using android for years now, last non android phone was an iPhone 4. I spent years customising my phone. Launcher, ROMs, automation with tasker, anything going. In the past couple of years I just use my phone. Stock everything. It’s a tool I just use it.

  7. What I usually do is open the settings and go on a discovery journey , check every kind , every setting . and try everything until you find what you want

  8. Just start customizing and at some point it will become your hobby.
    And then you don’t have to be productive anymore but at least you have a phone that can do anything you want and you stick it to THE MAN! 😅

  9. assuming you’re in north america, your S9 has a locked bootloader so you can forget about root and custom ROMs. but you’re not limited to wallpapers and launchers, you can get good lock from the galaxy store and customize the whole UI

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