40 réflexions au sujet de “Quand un chien n’a jamais rencontré la bataille meurtrière de l’escalier avant”

  1. i laughed so hard my dog came to see what I’m doing.. I says ‘the doggy fell down the stairs and it was funny’, she actually nodded then went back to the other room… xD

  2. My dog is adopted, she came out of a bad situation where she was never allowed inside a house. I have 2 sets of stairs in my house and we didn’t realize this would be an issue but she did the same thing as in this video. Just stepped right off. Didn’t get hurt because my husband caught her before she tumbled too far. At the second set of stairs she hesitated and I was able to teach her how to navigate them.
    She’s been with us for over 2 years now and she can use the stairs like a champ but the funny thing is she only uses 3 legs. The fourth leg kind of kicks out to the side. It’s funny to see.

  3. My last dog did this. Full on body slammed the wall and landed on her side, poor thing wouldn’t even look at us for about half an hour she was so embarassed.

  4. My SPCA rescue dog did this exact thing but with water on a lake. The previous owners who the dog was taken away from kept her in the basement for her whole life (she was 1.5-2 years old when we got her). Took her on one of her first walks and she just tried running on the lake like Jesus. She quickly found out that water isn’t solid

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