Q Android test chat tête « bulles » pour notifications – 9to5Google

Q Android test chat tête « bulles » pour notifications – 9to5Google

Android Q testing chat head ‘bubbles’ for notifications – 9to5Google

Avant d’obtenir un smartphone pliable, il faut absolument analyse les différents appareils disponibles sur le marché. Lequel, permettra vraiment de lire les blagues chaque jours de manière confortable ?

Q Android test chat tête « bulles » pour les notifications – 9to5Google

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  1. Why – not – just – a – ticker?!

    Instead we’re getting notifications taking up **even more** screen space now, interrupting whatever you’re doing **even more**. 😡

  2. Am I the only one that is actually excited for this? I love having chatheads simply because the message is right there and I do not have to open FB messenger every time and load it every time. I have always wanted chat heads for Android Messages and here is why. RCS is the main reason. Having my texts available to me at a tap when I want to respond rather than swiping down on the notification shade at the top to reply just seems so much more convenient.

    For example I will be typing a message and a new text will move the notification drawer down and stop my typing. Two, it will be easier to and more reasonable to take pictures for my contacts and see what messages I have open and who I am talking to. And three because there is no loss to having chat heads if you don’t want them then you just turn them off. But there is a benefit to having the option.

  3. Look man, the less shit that clutters my screen the better.

    You know what was great about ticker notifications? I could be browsing the web and I would get a non intrusive text message at the very top, line by line (if it was a long text message) and I could glance at it and then go about my business.

    Now? I get a thick, big rectangle taking up my screen interrupting what I was doing.

    I partially blame Apple. Ticker notifications were great then ios introduced their notification boxes and Android just had to follow suit.

    Fucking ridiculous 😎👊🏼🏆

  4. I would love bubbles, not as notifications (these are just obnoxious), but as a way to multitask. For example, a Google Keep bubble that you can use to bring up a list that you’re building while browsing some page. Much better than using the app switcher.

    Come to think of it this sounds doable as a third party app using widgets.

  5. Chat heads give me the same feeling website pop up ads did before i blocked them forever. Along with windows applications that take focus for any reason.

    I never want the system to control what is my focus. EVER.

  6. Ticker > Chatheads > Headsup

    God how I hate Headsup.

    Also, I LOVE chatheads in web browsers. Lynket is basically the only one worth using anymore because it uses Chrome Custom Tabs. It’s buggy but my browser of choice because I can open links in the background easily.

  7. My girlfriend only uses Facebook messenger specifically because she likes the chat heads. It is literally the only reason she doesn’t use telegram.

    While I will probably never use it, this is a welcome feature if it works well enough for her to use.

  8. Another thing that Samsung already have. When I get an SMS on my S10e a « chat head » pops up on the screen and when you click it it opens up the sms app in PiP over the top of whatever you are doing so you can reply.

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