15 réflexions au sujet de “Q Android personnalisé ROM et TWRP rend fondamentalement impossible. Beau travail Go…”

  1. This title grossly exaggerates the tweet. Needs a tag tbh.

    ROM’s can still be flashed at the block level using payload. We just can’t remount system r/w anymore post flash (though I doubt we won’t be able to from at minimum at recovery contexts).

    I already don’t do this (I build in GApps/what I want).

  2. The best part is watching people freak out about non final software that’s maybe 6 months away from full release. The other best part is when they find workarounds for the new stuff and everyone got worked up over nothing.

  3. If this becomes to fruition, there goes any chance of me getting another Android phone. Seems like alot of the changes in Q are purely restrictive.

  4. My guess is at some point the only way to get devices that can run alternative OSes is to buy ones that run alternative OSes out the box. With dTPM 2.0+ this is becoming a serious issue on PCs too.

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