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  1. I suspect this year at IO Privacy will be a huge theme for Google. In fact all the biggies will focus on that during their big events, shall be a fun drinking game

  2. Booting (pixel XL)!

    I did clean flash, OTA wasnt avail, so I did it manually. So my settings are all white. Apparently if you had dark settings in pie, it will make your settings dark mode if you install via OTA. You cant change it back and forth right now, there seem to be some tasker things you can do though, but i dont really want it that bad yet

    This system flash was different.

    Had system_a and system_b

    kinda weird. brb exploring

    some new things i see


    edit2: wow thats cool, can report bugs/request features


    edit3: seems much more control on permissions!


    edit4: hmm, emergency mode, not gonna click, but interesting!


    edit5: i think flags has built in recorder now (click power menu and hold screenshot after enabling it in flags)


    edit 6: i want to say ram system usage is lower on the xl, but then again, it’s my secondary phone (with no sim and not all the apps), so hard to say. not gonna do my main phone yet, dp2 probably.


    edit7: wifi mac settings in wifi advanced


    edit8: As invalidated_username said, battery saver turns night mode on/off too, at least if you have white mode as default https://www.reddit.com/r/Android/comments/b0pu6b/android_q_beta_released/eiglr8t/

  3. A few things I’ve noticed so far on my P2XL:

    – Updated font for notifications and quick settings panel.

    – Quick settings shows battery « Until 11:30 PM » at a glance.

    – Long pressing the power button provides a 4th button, « Emergency » under « Screenshot. »

    – Swiping away notifications seems super smooth and much easier! It may just be in my head at this point, but we’ll see how many missed swipes I get over the course of a full day compared to on P.

    – Copying text now provides haptic feedback. It’s very « tight », and feels even tighter than the haptic feedback while scrolling through typed text.

    – Share menu is refreshed and fixes the lag issue for me.


    – The screen fade before auto-off is now animated, similar to the fade in/out of night mode.

    – Apps in the multitasker are rounded off as opposed to sharp edges. I think it looks nice.

    – Battery life icon and percentage shows in the top right corner of the always on display. Not sure how I feel about this one yet.

    – Changing volumes is silent now.

  4. Buying the Nexus 6P has been the best investment ever. A free upgrade to Pixel XL 1 and now getting Android Q. That’s now 4 OS upgrades with one phone purchase.

  5. Releasing it for the Pixel 1? That gives some trust points to the Pixel line from me. Maybe I can even wait for the P5XL if my P2XL still gets supported next year 😀

    I’m waiting for the DP2 though before I install this.

  6. Got it up and running. Universal dark mode is present, doesn’t appear you can switch between light and dark mode in DP1 for now (developer option is gone too). Not a fan of the pastel blue for the toggles but meh, it’s a DP. Given that dark mode appears to be true black, for OLED panels this means a drastic cut in active pixels so I wonder how that will impact battery life in the long run, that is if it’s enough to impact it at all. Time will tell I guess.


    A couple new sections in Developer Options: ANGLE and Game Driver. They appear to be tweaks/options for Open GL and the GPU itself respectively.


    Noticed that when you pull down the system tray (single finger pull) next to the battery icon it now shows an estimate for battery life in the form of what time it thinks it will power down/die.


    Back button is still present for gestures.

  7. * New transitions are nice.
    * ~~Prompt for Bluetooth devices come up with percentage without needing to look at the quick settings.~~ feature on Pie
    * Dark background on notifications
    * battery percentage and symbol show up on the always on display
    * theming in developer settings. Accents, headline/body font, and icon shape. Accents are default, black, green, and purple
    * AOD shows current song name and artist, previously showed the icon of whichever media player you were listening to

    More edits:
    Some [fun ](https://media.giphy.com/media/3gYZNyliHWqZ5s9beV/giphy.gif)

    More edits: yikes on the quality. Hope you get the gist of it.

    * gestures feel more free? See gif. Able to change mind and either gesture to recent apps then switch to switching to previous app. Shows transition similar to the XDA example a few weeks back

    Later edit/annoyance:

    Swiping left on a notification is solely for notification settings and timers. To dismiss you have to swipe to the right.

  8. Opting into the beta gives you an OTA update. From my memory, this is the first time that DP1 has been an OTA. I’m currently downloading a 1227mb update to my Pixel 2 XL.

  9. > including the original Pixel and Pixel XL, which we’ve extended support for by popular demand!

    This needs to be framed in their office. First time they publicly acknowledged what people wanted.

    Also, I sadly think they won’t get the final version because Google. Guess we will find out.

  10. > Apps running on Android Q (Go edition) devices cannot have the SYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW permission. This is because drawing overlay windows uses excessive memory, which is particularly harmful to the performance of low-memory Android devices.

    > If an app on a Go device sends an intent with the action ACTION_MANAGE_OVERLAY_PERMISSION, the system automatically denies the request, and takes the user to a Settings screen which says that the permission isn’t allowed because it slows the device. If an app on a Go device calls Settings.canDrawOverlays(), the method always returns false.

    This does not bode well for my app, Lynket browser. I use this API to enable floating bubbles like [this](https://raw.githubusercontent.com/arunkumar9t2/chromer/master/art/Web%20heads%20intro.gif). Was planning on improving bubble physics, looks like I need to shift focus elsewhere. Sincerely hope this restriction does not extend to non Go devices in the future.

    Edit: Looks like auto populate search bar suggestions with copied text also will be [gone](https://developer.android.com/preview/privacy/data-identifiers#clipboard-data). I do appreciate the privacy the efforts but a choice for users would be nice.

  11. I really like the feedback app and that it generates a ticket in the issuetracker. I hope that it pushes more people to provide good information in their bug reports and feature requests.

  12. I’m glad they got rid of the yucky multiple vibrations when you drag up on the pill to open the task manager. It always felt like sloppy UX to me.

    Also this is pretty niche, but if anyone uses the app Hellotalk it doesn’t seem to work on Q. Fortunately I still have a Hellotalk Web window open, but it looks like I’ll have to leave my PC/browser open forever.

  13. Can’t wait for « it’s a bit laggy and has some bugs here and there but haha it’s a beta version am I rite? ». Yes, you’re right. I beg reviewers to just point out the new features and stuff instead of « this got worse », « battery gone shit », etc.

  14. Hello, if I install the OTA on my Pixel 3 will I lose all my accounts/logs in apps or will I keep them without having to « relogin »? Thanks a lot 🙂 (it is my first Pixel phone, I have no idea 🙁

  15. For anyone looking to see if this is daily driver material, it’s usually better to wait until DP2. This first version is typically more developer focused (for real) and unless you have a secondary device, it’s not a gamble worth taking.

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