Q Android Beta 1 ne permet plus services lancer des activités, sortir…

Q Android Beta 1 ne permet plus services lancer des activités, sortir…

Android Q Beta 1 no longer allows services to launch activities, breaking the core functionality of many apps. Google blocked the thread on issue tracker.

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android Q bêta 1 n’autorise plus services de lancer des activités, brisant la fonctionnalité de base de nombreuses applications. Google a bloqué le thread sur gestionnaire d’incidents.

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  1. I wonder how Facebook will react to this.

    They love running and setting off all tasks in the background.If Google decides to bake this in. Its gonna piss them off a lot. But they will workaround this too.

  2. Things that could potentially be affected of the top of my head:

    * Every automation tool out there (like Tasker).

    * Button remapper like BxAction (depending on how they work).

    * Every navigation bar alternative / pie controls / alternative gesture controls app

    * Launching apps from your smartwatch on your phone


    * app locker (security software that declines access to certain apps unless you enter a password / use fingerprint to unlock)

  3. There’s a lot of misinformation in comments.
    Any 3rd party launcher won’t be affected, also all widgets will work, same goes for Kustom.

    What won’t work – for example launching apps based on condition in Tasker, maybe some navigation gestures apps. Basically anything what runs in background and can launch other applications. However this can probably be worked around by running foreground service (and displaying notification)

  4. I sort of agree with Google here. I would be ok with a permission, but only if it’s implemented in a blind fashion WRT to apps — apps should not be able to request the permission, nor be able to determine if it’s enabled or disabled. A user-set toggle similar to notifications, but that the app cannot « see ».

  5. Wait, if services are not allowed to launch activities anymore, doesn’t this mean third party launchers cannot launch apps anymore?

    (Twitter never works for me so I didn’t read the posts)

  6. I had q for a few days and saw a lot of messages about actions that will be blocked. The only apps fully impacted were wechat ( long story why i even have it installed, work requirement ) and signalspy for changing fi networks. Rolled back until this gets sorted out.

  7. They should make this a new permission. I might want to allow some apps to do that, but not others. If it’s just spam of course you would deny it. If it’s an automation tool or something relying on sensor input from the background you would allow it.

  8. It’s staggering how many people here are posting very flawed evaluations of what this means for themselves or developers. It’s not going to « fix » battery life, it’s not going to break your launcher.

  9. I’m probably going to get downvoted to hell. But as a 10-year Android user who is getting tired of riding Google’s rollercoaster of emotions, at what point do we draw a line? Right now Android (and Android phones/hardware) offer legitimate reasons for me not to use an iPhone:

    * Real file management
    * The ability to text from my computer (I don’t and will never own a Mac)
    * USB-C everything
    * 3.5mm headphone jack (using my Note 9)
    * More base storage/expandable storage on many flagship Android phones
    * Customization, both aesthetic and also choice of third party, replacement apps
    * Automation

    Google has slowly, in my eyes, been gravitating towards Apple’s business model, which is [perceived] stability and ease of use through restriction/walled-garden approach. I’ve seen the change from Nexus to Pixel (not a knock on Pixel owners), and removal of features in every Android release as of late, and killing of good, useful Google services. And I have to wonder if Google is really just trying to become an Apple alternative that operates similarly to Apple as a business.

    At some point, Android will just become an inferior iOS « clone » (I use that term loosely). We’re not there yet, but I’m afraid that’s where we’re heading.

  10. Quick question:

    I have a photo gallery app that works in screen saver mode, when in this mode it is acting as a service, not an activity.

    So, this means if the user does an action on the GUI this “service” can no longer instantiate the main Activity version (they look the same) allowing the user to higher-than-service-level activities?

    Sigh, I barely get time to do this app, and now I have to change all this shit too

  11. The tweet fails to mention a legitimate use case for this and so do every comment I’ve seen so far. So what would be a valid case for this? This is just preventing popups basically

  12. Because this is a feature, not an issue. When I was briefly on the beta, I actually read the whole toast message about how apps moving forward can launch a full screen intent instead of launching an activity, and then I assume there’s something you can do from there that grants implicit or explicit permission from the user to actually launch your app’s activity. There’s obviously a way to launch your app from the background, Google has just decided to protect regular users from spammy apps by making it a step or two harder.

    If launching your app from the background is such a core functionality, then I’m sure good app developers will update their apps to continue working in this new intent system.

  13. They really should just probably have another set of permissions you can toggle on, that comes on with a large warning independently.

    Like hey this app wants to do this, which can literally screw you over.

  14. Will this prevent Bluetooth Connect and Play to launch Spotify on BT connection to my car and press play after 5 seconds?

    If so, major, major bummer.

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