2 réflexions au sujet de “PureView 9 Nokia Nokia 9 PureView examen”

  1. Pros

    * Flagship-grade high-res OLED screen with HDR video support
    * Water-resistant design
    * Excellent image output from the RAW files (requires time and skill for processing)
    * Part of Android One program so timely updates are expected
    * Rather cheap for a flagship



    * Uses last year’s Snapdragon flagship chipset
    * User experience with the fingerprint scanner is poor
    * Buggy software, freezes and crashes happen often when using the camera
    * No microSD slot, while shooting RAW+JPG eats storage quickly
    * The default JPEG and video output is not flagship-worthy
    * The camera’s prolonged image processing is tedious and takes a toll on battery life

  2. Same problems plagued the legendary Lumia 1020, another monster camera phone. Good hardware held back by software. Slow and buggy photo capture, poor battery life.

    Nokia can’t seem to nail it with a full package camera phone.

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