PSA : Samsung (Canada) pas honorer pré-commande reprise cite

PSA: Samsung (Canada) Not Honouring Pre-Order Trade-In Quotes

Avant d’acquérir un smartphone pliable, il faut absolument analyse les différents appareils disponibles sur le marché. Lequel, permettra vraiment de mater les actualité chaque jours de manière confortable ?

j’ai pré-commandé mon S10 + en personne à la Samsung stocker à la fin février. L’incitatif de pré-commande au moment était « Commerce de dispositif en valeur + bonus de 200 $». J’ai été cité 350 $ pour mon s9 +, pour un crédit de reprise totale de 550 $. Ce soir, quand je suis allé chercher mon téléphone, on m’a dit la citation donnée le jour de ma pré-commande n’était plus valide et que Samsung offre maintenant crédit reprise 225 $ + bonus de 200 $ pour un crédit de reprise total de 425 $, une différence de 125 $! Après 45 minutes et l’assurance que j’allais pour déposer une plainte de consommateur avec le gouvernement, ils sont convenus d’honorer leur prix initial. Pendant que j’attendais pour mon nouvel appareil, pas moins de 4 autres clients pré-commande reçurent le même spiel. À mon avis un vers le haut le leurre et vraiment louches. J’adore mon nouveau téléphone mais je ne suis pas impressionné par mon expérience de Samsung Store premier (et dernier).


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  1. From what I understand Samsung doesn’t handle the trade ins, a 3rd party is the one who inspects the phone and decided if the phone is worth the quoted amount. Plus I think if you feel like you got screwed you can request they send your phone back. It’s still pretty shitty that the quote can change without any indication of why.

  2. I contacted Samsung via their internet chat and was assured by the person that my trade-in would start once I got my S10. Needless to say I saved a pdf of our convo for prosperity. Good on you OP for sharing your experience.

  3. Used to work at the Samsung Store in Toronto. This sounds pretty standard. I always tried to be clear that the trade in amount could change at the time of trade in

  4. Wow, fuck Samsung Canada seriously! First they don’t give us free Galaxy Buds for pre-ordering, then they have worse trade-in deals than the US, and now they’re lying about their trade-in quotes?!?! That’s complete bullshit.

  5. Samsung Canada also uses international model phones as display models which have a working FM radio (e.g. A line) while the Canadian model you can buy doesn’t. Samsung Canada more like Scamsung Canada 😠

    Edit: guys I have an A5, Samsung support admired to it being removed too

    Edit: they changed it in late 2018. Before that Samsung Canada phones software locked FM radio

  6. SamsungApple. Make consumable device and sell it.

    Buy old devices back, repair em, sell em. Repeat. Offer no option that is not consumable. They will never make something like fairphone or a device that doesnt have insane profit margins. Sell an unrepairable device. So only they can offer repairs. Not a care in a world about having to manufacture a whole new phone when you could repair without wasting materials. End up with a by product that is the unhappy slave job sector. Greenwash. E-waste management paid by tax dollars and the backs of no choice working class.

    Increase consumption by making engineering failures on purpose. Market to masses flood the marketing space so people only see what they want them to see. Obfuscate prices, choices, possibilities. Blame others. Control negative communications about products. Offer compensation to keep customers mouth shut when they complain about getting screwed. Make policies that make employees forced to upsell and deceive. Then blame that party for abuse.

    Make it harder to compete by creating a monopoly on hardware supply, phone part supply, software choices, repair services, stores,

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