PSA : Essayez de retirer le protecteur d’écran Samsung pré installé si votre g…

PSA: Try removing the pre installed Samsung screen protector if your Galaxy s10/s10+ fingerprint reader is being inconsistent

Avant d’acquérir un smartphone pliable, il faut toujours voir les différents appareils disponibles sur le marché. Lequel, permettra vraiment de lire les jokes tous les jours de manière gréable ?

je sais il y a des articles à ce sujet sur différents sites Web, mais je voulais poster ce sujet ici puisque je n’ai vu un post à ce sujet sur ce subreddit (mes excuses s’il est déjà et je l’ai raté).

Si vous ne pouvez vivre sans un protecteur d’écran je recommande fortement ce faisant qu’il fait mon expérience avec le scanner d’empreintes digitales par ultrasons 10 x mieux.

Edit : Je sais que tout le monde aura ses propres expériences avec le scanner et cette recommandation n’est pas l’être tous finissent tous correctifs. Je voulais seulement partager cela parce que j’ai fait toutes les autres choses sur mon propre s10 + (installé mise à jour, enregistré les impressions multiples, a permis des interactions d’écran plus sensibles dans les paramètres, etc.) et j’ai remarqué après j’ai enlevé le plastique de protection basée sur une recommandation j’ai lire dans un article, le lecteur est devenu beaucoup plus fiable (toujours pas parfait mais mieux).

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  1. My current phone uses Gorilla Glass 4 and after 3 years+ no issues with scratches without a protector. Doesn’t this phone use a better version of Gorilla Glass?

  2. Is use of the fingerprint scanner optional? Have one on my samsung tablet, worked for 6 months then stopped recognizing my fingerprint. Had to reset to factory defaults to get in.

  3. Fingerprint reader is a disaster regardless of the suggestions…until…I peeled off the « screen protector ». FIXED. Period. With no doubt. I had to delete the four prints I made with SP still on, and re-did finger scans with the SP off. Night and fucking day difference. Nearly 100% fingerprint success rate on every try. Plus, the phone navigation (touch feel) is hugely improved. Screen protector is the problem. Remove yours and try for yourself.

  4. Mine wasn’t terrible before with the screen protector on but now that it’s off holy hell its fast. Not sure if I just have gross fingers or something but the scanner on my pixel 3 only works 60% of the time but it works 90% of the time on my s10 now. Thanks!

  5. I removed the screen protector after reading this thread (my old S8 has 1 little scratch after 2 years so I decided to take a risk). First thing I noticed was that during saving the fingerprints not even once did it ask me to press the finger harder. Some test unlocks seem to show it’s better now. I’ll see in a long run.

  6. My S10 came with a square cutout on the *back* plastic. Looked like something that could fit a fingerprint sensor. I have no idea why it was on the back and not the front.

  7. Just wanted to add a comment if it helps anyone. I took the plastic one off out of the box because I thought it was just for shipping and didn’t know it was actually supposed to act as a screen protector. I want a tempered glass screen protector, but the only one that supposedly works is the Whitestone dome.

    Thought about ordering one, but after reading reviews and watching some YouTube vids, it seems like it isn’t a sure thing that it will work. There are many people out there that got it that are struggling with it and wasted $50, not to mention the material it uses to bind the screen to the protector seems to be very hard to get off and some have posted concerns about it actually causing damage to the screen.

    I ended up going to best buy and picked up a zagg ultra clear film protector for $29.99, had them install it and it works great with the sensor. Sensor works every time like it did without the protector. No bubbles at all, can’t tell it is on. And has to be much higher quality than that cheap plastic one samsung supplied. No cutout around the hole punch either, that is also protected.

  8. I want to remove it but i can’t. The screen protector is like practically glued to the screen. I try to get it from the edges with my finger nails and it won’t come off. How did you remove it?

  9. No, keep the screen protector! I was having problems until I changed how I was using the reader.
    Initially I was resting my finger on the display as I would a capacitive reader, which was very unreliable. Now I use a short, **firm** press; literally pressing *into* the screen. Now it’s as fast and reliable as my iPhone 6S, if a little less intuitive.

  10. Keep your fingers moist – I used my girlfriend’s lotion and the FP improved a lot I guess the sensor don’t like my dry man hands they are filled with male toxicity.. its the first true SJW smartphone.

    No joke try some lotion or even water – I have gotten the FP biometric update and I still have the pre-installed « screen protector » applied to my phone and it was my « moist » fingers that made the biggest difference.

    Best Regards

    The smooth hand operator

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