Pouvons nous prendre un moment pour apprécier les téléphones avec moteurs de vibration bonne ?

Can we take a moment to appreciate phones with good vibration motors?

Avant d’obtenir un smartphone pliable, il faut toujours voir les différents appareils disponibles sur le marché. Lequel, permettra vraiment de mater les news chaque jours de manière gréable ?

j’ai essayé le s10 galaxie l’autre jour dans le magasin et j’ai été surpris par le moteur de vibration merdique. J’ai entendu que le LG a un bon moteur et ainsi faire les pixels plus récents. Je souhaite vraiment que les fabricants android auraient commencer à mettre dans les moteurs de forte vibration là-dedans. Nous payons déjà 1000 dollars de nos jours.

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  1. As someone who just switched from a Note 8 to an iPhone X, I’m absolutely blown away with how good the Taptic engine is. Vibration motors have always been meh, but the iPhone X has such a strong, crisp vibration that I’ve never felt in a phone before. I don’t miss calls when my phone is on vibrate, which I can’t say the same for my old Note.

    Definitely hope that the tech makes its way into more phones. I wonder if Apple has a patent on it, or if it’s just too complex for other oems to do it.

  2. I’m surprised you think the Galaxy S10 one is bad! It’s not as good as the Pixel one but a damn site better than most other android phones. A lot of reviews praise the Galaxy S10s vibration motor also

  3. I’ve always considered Samsung to have good vibration motors as I’ve been an Android user my whole life. But when I use my friends’ iPhones, I realize that Apple has the best vibration motors on the market. It’s such a small touch, but it goes a long way in ergonomics. Really wish Samsung would get on this.

  4. This has come up a few times recently. See [this thread](https://www.reddit.com/r/android/comments/9wgvv0/_/) among others.

    LG have been using excellent haptic hardware since the V30, and have integrated it into all sorts of delightful interactions throughout their software stack – a directional buzz when you dismiss notifications, a clicking, rotating dial for manual focus in their camera app. Typing is a delight.

    Meizu have been using similar hardware since their 15/15 Plus too, and it turns out they and LG have licensed technology from a company called [Immersion](http://immersion.com) to achieve this. Worth looking into.

    The Pixel 3/XL ars good too.

    Without haptics being available while typing, the excsllent hardware on iPhones doesn’t come close to its full potential to my mind.

  5. Traded my LG V20 for an S10. I actually had to turn down the vibration strength. With my V20, I had it dialed all the way up and it was still worthless.

  6. S10 has a nice vibration motor imho, a nice tight and strong vibration.

    Xiaomi, Oneplus, the old nexus lineup all have very crappy ones. Very loose and even loud. I remember I had to put my Nexus 5x on silent instead of vibrate because the vibration motor was just so fucking loud, even when typing.

  7. while it could be generally speaking, its probably not for all-tier phones. i belive high end ones use good motors however the vibration in lg q6 (mid ranger) is by far worst one i ever experienced! really loud, makes whole phone rattle and feels ultra cheap. so not all LG’s, for sure..

  8. My iPhone 5s can vibrate my entire desk (exaggeratly ofc but you get the point)

    My Nexus 5, oh god, how calls have been missed because of how bad the vibration is lmao

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