Pouvant s’intégrer Google Android en une type stades assombrie l’OS basé ?

Could Google integrate Android into a Stadia-like clouded based OS?

si elles peuvent exécuter des titres AAA et ont une interaction sans heurt, pourquoi ne pas les programmes basic chrome/windows/android et les applications ? Je serais ravi de pouvoir accéder à mon contenu, pas seulement des jeux, sur n’importe quelle interface compatible. Tout ce que vous auriez besoin techniquement pour un appareil mobile est un écran de 4K, une bonne batterie et connexion wifi/données. Et un Chromecast (ou similaire) périphérique connectable. Tout est est d’autre nuage basé. Personnellement, il serait une solution idéale.

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  1. Possible? yes. Practical? no. You lose internet you lose your phone OS, the service goes down for maintenance? you lose your phone OS.


    > I would love to be able to access any of my content, not just games, on any compatible interface.

    You can already do this though? Google drive, and photos both exist along with many other services. You may run into an issue with apps, but really 90% of the services most people use are probably online in someway now.


  2. Full fledged streaming based mobile OS? That sounds absolutely terrible. What we currently have (offline OS with cloud based services such as Google photos, Google drive, streaming music etc) is the best compromise and I don’t see it changing anytime soon.

    A mobile OS needs to function even in low reception areas. Having an OS that relies solely on its variable connection for the most basic functions is a recipe for disaster.

  3. You’d still need a modem and graphics card and cpu. You’ll need almost everything currently in your phone, and a constant stable internet connection.

    You’d also need a basic os to handle and interact with data. This would be of no use whatsoever

  4. VDI on a thin client.
    Been there, done that, got mainframe t-shirt.
    What we have now is a compromise between VDI and a pure local OS.
    It makes sense to keep the phone functional without internet connection.
    And having a bit less ram and a slower chip is not going to change that much your bill of materials.
    Streaming might also be more battery intensive than processing locally.
    It might make sense to use a stadia like streaming feature for some memory/processing heavy content like chrome. Not sure what the added latency would feel like.

    Now a dirt cheap chromeos with only a mouse, a keyboard and a Chromecast, it might make more sense.

  5. i think that having a streaming mode to enhance performance could be reasonable for when the user its in a good wifi but the phone will still need proper hardware to not being useless when its not in a good connection. with a limited data plan using streaming would be absurd

  6. It’s as simple as that it would be terrible for both the user and Google. For the user it would be laggy as hell. For Google, it would be near impossible to implement. Each stadia instance uses 10.7 Tflops. Let’s just say that a common phone is around 2 Tflops. About 2 billion people use Android <a href= »https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.macrumors.com/2017/05/17/2-billion-active-android-devices/amp/ »>source</a> . That would be 2 Tflops * about 1/3 of devices on at the same time. That is a lot of processing power needed.

    Edit: why doesn’t my link work 🙁

  7. why are people so cynical? putting the whole OS in the cloud isn’t a new idea. it won’t be the mainstream solution for a long time if ever, but it already works for niche use. i remember a post in this sub where someone installed android on his home server and uses his phone as a client. he still had the preinstalled android so he could use it offline, but when he’s online he can log into his server and suddenly have a completely different ROM with its own profile and apps visible on his phone

  8. Not a good idea. Phones today are already incredible powerful, a better solution would be to compile the productive software such as Photoshop and Adobe Premiere for ARM and desktop mode in Android.

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