Pour tous les utilisateurs Android qui ont devenu enveloppés dans la c.e. Samsung…

To all those Android users who have become enveloped in the Samsung ecosystem. Honestly, is it worth it?

je me souviens de l’époque lorsque tous les accessoires avaient toutes les fonctionnalités disponibles sur tous les appareils, mais maintenant il y a mini écosystèmes formant partout. C’est l’effet de « Pomme ». J’ai eu un Pixel 2 quand les bourgeons de Pixel est sorti et ils ont été fantastiques ! Jusqu’à ce que j’ai eu un OnePlus 6 t. Ils n’est plus supporté l’appariement rapide et la fonctionnalité de traduction n’était plus disponible. Pourquoi ? Maintenant, je vois la Samsung Galaxy montre en face de moi ainsi que les bourgeons de la galaxie et je me demande… Quelles caractéristiques dois-je donner vers le haut à ce ?

Mon OnePlus puces Wireless ne joue pas bien avec mon iPad ou mon ordinateur Surface Pro. Mais ils fonctionnent parfaitement avec mon 6 t. Pourquoi ?

Je suppose que je suis juste fatigué de la lutte contre tous les écosystèmes minis et suis penser lentement en choisir un. Samsung semble être la meilleure option en termes de développement et de la fonctionnalité réelle. Google m’a laissé tomber avec le Pixel 3, bourgeons de Pixel, et ne crée ne pas la montre intelligente parfaite nous avons tous pensé qu’ils seraient.

En été je pensais faire la Note 10, et en espérant qu’il est livré avec certains incitatifs tels que les bourgeons de la galaxie ou peut-être la montre. Mais ce changement d’une valeur de l’effort et l’argent ?

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  1. The Galaxy Wearables app can be installed on the PlayStore for any Android phone. I’m not aware of any limitations using the Galaxy Wearables on other Androids. Heck even Samsung Health is on the Play Store.

  2. As far as I know, Samsung doesn’t have any ecosystem in the sense of a Samsung device working better or only with other Samsung devices. It’s just that Samsung makes everything from phones and wearables to vacuum cleaners and microwave ovens.

  3. I think ecosystem is a bit of a strong word for Samsung, since they don’t lock you in in the same way Apple does. Galaxy wearables like the watch or buds work with other android phones (and even iPhone), but the reverse isn’t true. Also if you buy a Samsung phone, you can run any WearOS or Google product without any issues.

  4. I respectfully disagree with you, because there have all their important apps on Play Store. So you can download them even if you don’t have a Samsung. Of course there will be apps like Samsung Pay, that will be exclusive, hence the name.

  5. It’s not as crazy as Apple but when you have a Samsung, it doesn’t make sense getting non Samsung accessories. The Galaxy Buds, Galaxy Watch etc., just work better on Samsung phones obviously so I find myself always buying first party accessories. This goes with cases as well but I do feel like I am the minority with all of this.

  6. unbtil I read this post I didn’t actually realise just how many Samsung products I have. currently I have the s10+, gear s3 frontier, TV, and am currently waiting on my buds to ship. the kids have a galaxy tab each, and im just looking round my kitchen and the fridge/freezer and washing machine are Samsung as well!

    I didn’t make these purchases out of some bizarre brand loyalty, just the fact that they ever really give me any bother

  7. You can use Samsung accessories with almost any android device.

    Galaxy Watch: Pairs with smartphones running Android 5.0 or higher & RAM 1.5GB above, iOS 9.0 and later, and smartphones iPhone 5 and newer.

    Galaxy Active: Samsung, other Android: Android 5.0 or higher & RAM 1.5GB above.
    iPhone: iPhone 5 and above, iOS 9.0 or above.

    Galaxy Buds: Samsung, other Android: Android 5.0 or higher & RAM 1.5GB above.

    Even though Samsung officially doesn’t mention iPhone support, many YouTubers have shown that its compatible.

  8. You’re asking the wrong question. Never choose between ecosystems. Rather, choose industry/commonly implemented standards. Examples of these include:

    * Bluetooth
    * USB-PD
    * Qualcomm Quick Charge (technically this is proprietary, but it’s supported by enough AC adapters and cables to make it an industry standard)
    * Wi-Fi
    * USB (in general. Check that host and client devices support the same part of the spec whose features you need)



    Choosing brand ecosystems is – quite frankly – a lazy cop out that gives companies a way to bilk customers and implement anti-competitive protocols, form factors, etc. Do the research and buy mutually compatible products that use cross-vendor, industry standards.

  9. Last time I used a Samsung phone was the S2. Seems like they are doing most of the things right since s8. But I kept on waiting and waiting. Seems like the introduction of One UI pushed me finally. They always have the best hardware but with One UI, they nailed it.

    Samsung does create an ecosystem but one that works wonderfully with other platforms. I used Galaxy Watch with OP6 at first. Now I am rocking s10+. The experience is kinda same but I am now more inclined to buy everything Samsung in my house due to the SmartThings integration. Plus Samsung Pay works wonderfully with the cards I have and in my country.

    I use a Windows workstation at my office and tempted to use Samsung Dex.

  10. That’s why I don’t buy vendor-specific devices if possible. Usually not worth the hassle after you switch the phone to something different.

  11. I might mind if Samsung hasn’t consistently put out the best products for the last 4 years or so.

    The only thing I’m not on board with is the Galaxy watch because of the OS.

  12. I don’t understand what you mean. Google and Samsung added an extra bonus (quick pairing) if you use their device, but they didn’t take away anything. If you use it with other device, you’d pair it normally, like you would with any other bluetooth ear buds. You can always use google translate for the translation. If I understood correctly, the quick pairing is only possible because they have specific correspinding chips for it on the phone and the device, so it’s not like they deliberatly crippled it for other devices.

  13. Went from a Nexus 5 to a Nexus 5X to a OnePlus 5 and now a Samsung Galaxy Note 9. I wanted to go for a OnePlus 6T or 7, but because of OnePlus’s decision to remove the headphone jack and having to turn on the screen before making the fingerprint scanner work I decided against that. After eliminating Huawei for not having an unlockable bootloader, Nokia for not really having high end devices and other companies mainly for support of their devices and other things, Samsung remains. Happy I made the switch. I really like what they did with One UI. In terms of an « ecosystem », I use the wired AKG earbuds that came with the phone and I don’t use a smartwatch often (maybe my Pebble Black at some point), so there’s not so much of an ecosystem for me. I choose products based on value they offer for me, not based on brand. It is nice that you can use any accessory with a Samsung phone.

  14. Modern Samsung is light years ahead of Apple, IMO. I use both.
    Also their customization isn’t awful anymore, no more TouchWiz, etc. I miss tons of features in stock Android and end up installing a lot of apps to do the same. All they need is a package disable to kill some bloat and done.

  15. Got a story for y’all but I’m driving so I’ll have to come back to this.


    So this morning, I was with my cousin and we were leaving a parking garage. I had forgotten my wallet and she only had a 50 on her. The parking attendant didn’t have change for the 50. So the only option that was left was Samsung Pay. I got out of the car and approached the attendant and told him that I was going to pay with my phone.

    The parking attendant was an elderly Asian man who was still living in simpler times and had no idea about mobile payments. He had a slightly old simple card reader there for card payments and I asked him if I could go ahead and try it. He said, « No! You need card! » I tried to explain to him that I had my card on my phone but he was super resistant to it but let me try after a minute.

    So I put my phone up to the reader, it went through, and all he had to was confirm the amount and the last four of the card. A receipt printed out and all he managed to say was, « I don’t like new ». He was honestly shook. I couldn’t help but smirk, get back in the car and tell him to have a great day.

    All in all, it was a little bit of trouble because we should have been better prepared but Samsung Pay got us out of a pickle when I know Apple/Google Pay wouldn’t have. And the satisfaction of showing that attendant a new trick was honestly pretty great.

    It’s a simple thing to us but Samsung helped out and really made me glad that I switched from my Pixel 2 XL. This S10+ has some crazy convenient features and has shifted my vision of what Android is supposed to be. I really just hope this thing holds up for a couple of years.

  16. Honestly if you want the biggest or the deepest or the highest quality ecosystem you might as well quit the foreplay and go to Apple. They have a lot of weaknesses, but ecosystem is their number 1 strength.

  17. I’ll never get a smart watch and I haven’t used the buds. I’m keeping the package sealed because white electronics look terrible and I’m going to sell them for some black ones so I can hide them under my hair at work. I do have the iconx 2018 headphones and they’re good. They sound nice, but wired headphones sound better. Based on the reviews of the buds though, saying they’re better than the iconx’s I’d say they’re worth getting, especially for the price. But there are definitely better options if you’re looking to spend more money, like the sennheiser momentum wireless for 300 dollars.

    In any case, my main draw to samsung is their phones. I don’t like stock android and samsung has the features, the hardware and the software. It’s a nearly perfect package. I also have a samsung tv because they make great tvs. My last laptop was a samsung. I was going to get another samsung since it served me well, but there were none in my price range, so I got an asus. Still works well but the battery is totally fucked.

  18. I think it’s worth it, I hate everything apple, regular android devices aren’t bad by any means but my s9 plus with Samsung pay is badass and the galaxy watch is a wonderful extension for it, and I just added the galaxy buds to the mix and love them too the sound is wonderful but the biggest bonus for me is that they fit literally perfectly in my freakishly small ears with zero ear fatigue and don’t fall out like literally every single other in ear type headphone I’ve ever had. That being said I’m not in a position to spend the insane amount of money a Samsung TV, fridge, oven, insert home appliance cost. I plan on my next upgrade being either the note 10 or 11, or I’ll just wait to upgrade until 5g is the new everywhere standard I’m not sure. Tangent over moral of the story yes get in the Samsung game.

  19. I always go for chinese brands like huawei and elephone because of the open ability to sync nearly any hardware and just needing the right app that hardware connects to plus buying my phone outright means I’m on a sim only contract.

    Gotta have as much technological freedom as you can get imo. My headphones will always be from a headphone company not a phone company. My smart watch is a withings, used to be a fitbit.

    Samsung just seems expensive if you ask me, like they’ve always been the main competitor to Apple but nowadays the expensive accessories and watches don’t seem worth it when you can get the same or better quality for less.

    It’s only worth it if you think it’s better/easier and that’s what you prefer.

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