15 réflexions au sujet de “« Photo par OPPO 10 X hybride zoom optique smartphone. C’est un télescope ». …”

  1. Yo this makes me so happy for the future of cameras in phones. They’re already impressive, but this just blows me away if it’s legit. It also just pushes Samsung and Google and every other manufacturer to keep up. Phones are gonna be CRAZY in 4 years.

  2. It is very impressive, but what would your average user do with it? How many people do you see posting digitally zoomed images because they wanted to capture something further away (not talking about people that know its going to be ugly, but average users)?

    And the other issue, the more zoom the more stability you need. People already have trouble taking smartphone photo’s without subtle shaking and blurring photo’s, now imagine that 5x-10x worse. We are going to see a ton of beautiful 10x photo’s come out of the marketing department, who will be using tripods to stabilize and perfect shots. If this zoom level takes off, selfie sticks are going to have a dual function as monopods.

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