Paramètres de Pixel lanceur cachés révèlent que Google teste meilleur iPhone-…

Hidden Pixel Launcher settings reveal Google is testing better iPhone-style navigation gestures for Android Q

Avant d’acheter un smartphone pliable, il faut absolument regarder les différents modèles disponibles sur le marché. Lequel, permettra vraiment de lire les news chaque jours de manière gréable ?

paramètres cachés Pixel lanceur révèlent que Google teste meilleurs gestes de navigation de style iPhone pour Android Q

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  1. Not mentioned in the summary, and I don’t know if this was already the case in Android Q/Pixel Launcher, but according to that video, they’ve also added the ability to swipe down from anywhere on the home screen to open the notification shade.

  2. I still can’t understand why they can’t just leave the option for gestures and classic nav buttons. I still can’t stand the current pie gestures and find it easier to tap a button instead of doing some sort of swipe. Oh wait it’s Google.

  3. This is much better, but why is the nav bar still there? With this they are effectively removing any use the button had so why not just remove it and give us more screen estate?

  4. Ugh, gestures. I hope they aren’t mandatory and can be disabled; they’re a shitty form of interface that’s hard to use when needed but easy to accidentally activate.

  5. It’s.. it’s just not the same. I feel like the gestures should be an extension of your finger. iPhone gestures have momentum etc based on the way you swiped your finger. It’s wonderful. Android gestures feel kinda stiff.

    I’ll take a really bad example. Look at Samsung gestures – [look how the guy goes to the home screen from the multitasking menu.]( The animation makes no sense based on what he did with his finger.

    [Look at Apple implementation](, it’s incredibly fluid.

  6. If it’s one thing I really, really *hate* about my iPhone, it’s all the magic gestures you can’t disable.

    And here Google is copying them, so there is no escape.

    How fucking great.

  7. – Swiping right on the pill now uses a more seamless transition animation when changing tasks.

    – Swiping left on the navigation bar can now switch to the task you just left.

    – **Swiping up on the pill goes home. A new animation has been made for this gesture.**

    – **Swiping up and holding on the pill shows the recent apps overview.**

    – Swiping up on the navigation bar while on the launcher now only shows the app drawer.

    Personally, I rather have the current Pixel Launcher gestures of swiping up once to see 5 suggested apps and the recent apps overview and swipe again to see full app drawer since you’re able to do this while in any app. The rest of the new gestures look good though.

  8. Wait, if this is in the Pixel launcher, then it’s not in AOSP. So the Pixel line will get better gesture navigation, while AOSP keeps the disgusting bad and pill that currently exists. Thanks, Goog

  9. I thought Magisk doesn’t work for Android Q? There are instructions for how to enable it with Magisk on Android Q in the article.

  10. This is exciting. Glad Google focused on this. I think one plus probably has the closest to smoothness of iPhone gestures. We just need to find a better way to go back instead of having to go to the bottom of the phone.

  11. But they still have the nav bar in the bottom. What’s the use of gestures if you can’t use the full screen? I wish google would just let go of their ego and implement it the way iphone did (and then a lot of other carriers did)

  12. But the Moto Gestures are the best ones. Just let me decide what left/right and up/down swipes do and be done with it.

    If the XDA Gestures app didn’t get in the way of some UI elements and the keyboard, I’d just use that all the time.

  13. I have been able to replicate much of this functionality on an unrooted Pixel 2 XL with the following apps:

    – [Edge Gestures](, which allows me to set swipe gestures for each screen edge individually. Swiping back on the left or right edges is « back button ». Swiping up on the left or right edges opens the app switcher, and swiping down opens the notification panel. Long hold and swipe up on the left adjusts volume, long hold and swipe up on the right adjusts brightness. Swiping up from the bottom goes to home screen.
    – [Custom Navigation Bar](, which allows me to replace the now useless app switcher button on my navbar with one that toggles the navbar itself. I set the icon to switch between an arrow up and arrow down for show and hide respectively.
    – [Nova Launcher](, which has as one of its plethora of features the ability to set gestures on the home screen. I have swipe up to open the app drawer, and swipe down to open the notification panel.

    Pixel also allows you to swipe down on the fingerprint scanner to pull down the notification panel.

    All in all: hack your own way, friends!

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