Opinions impartiales pour AirPods de Apple vs Samsung Galaxy bourgeons

Unbiased opinions for Samsung’s Galaxy Buds vs Apple’s AirPods

Avant d’acquérir un smartphone pliable, il faut absolument voir les différents modèles disponibles sur le marché. Lequel, permettra vraiment de lire les news tous les jours de manière confortable ?

The AirPods sont l’un des meilleurs achats que j’ai fait dans les dernières années. Ils ont eux-mêmes intégré dans ma vie quotidienne au point où j’ai littéralement senti perdu / dépression / déçu de moi-même si j’ai oublié à la maison un jour au lieu de les glisser dans ma poche.

Les bourgeons de Galaxy avait quelques gros souliers à remplir et j’ai hâte à leur obtenir depuis le passage de mon iPhone X à la galaxie S10 + pour diverses raisons de choix personnel. Comment obtiennent-ils ?

* Bonne qualité – les bourgeons ne peuvent rivaliser avec les AirPods. Musique sur les AirPods se sent plus percutant, bass-y et généralement beaucoup plus vive que celle sur les bourgeons de la galaxie. Cela ne veut ne pas pour dire que les bourgeons sembler mauvais du tout, mais si je dois comparer côte à côte avec appareil d’Apple, le point va clairement à l’Airpod. J’ai aussi remarqué que les AirPods estimé à environ 20-30 % plus fort que les bourgeons de la galaxie au volume maximum, ce qui a été très surprenant compte tenu de l’Airpod n’étaient pas dans l’oreille et les bourgeons sont. J’aime généralement pas mon volume sur le côté plus fort et donc préférer les AirPods dans ce département.
* Portabilité – ces deux cas s’intègre aussi bien dans ma poche. Le point va ici pour Samsung puisque j’ai maintenant l’avantage d’être en mesure de charger sans fil le cas par le biais de l’arrière de mon S10 +.
* Forme, taille, ergonomie – c’est la goutte d’eau qui fait déborder le vase pour moi. Mon utilisation personnelle pour l’Airpod est a. soit à la salle de gym / départ pour randonnées où j’ai les deux AirPods dans mon oreille, b. à mon bureau où j’ai un AirPod déposée dans mon oreille gauche, ou c. chez ex-alcoolique de notre jeune fille où ma femme et moi partageons un AirPod en une oreille de chacun tout en regardant le contenu sur notre iPad plus grand * The AirPods sont juste… plus facile à manipuler et plus facile à traiter. Je peux mettre dans mon oreille et sortez-les plus rapidement et d’une manière plus à l’aise, comme drôle ou étrange que cela peut ressembler. Je suis aussi personnellement pas trop friand des écouteurs in-ear si les AirPods senti plus faciles à gérer lorsque je n’ai pas de les nettoyer par intermittence à cause des taches de cire oreille et là même si j’ai nettoyer mes oreilles tous les jours.

Dans l’ensemble, je suis heureux j’ai les deux les AirPods et les bourgeons à utiliser dans différentes situations si nécessaire – juste pensé que je partagerais mes commentaires après environ 48 heures à l’aide des bourgeons. Si vous avez des questions, n’hésitez pas à me le faire savoir.

A bientôt !

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  1. Your point shape, size, ergonomics. You describe how you use the AirPods but those use cases the Galaxy Buds work the same.

    Also you I’ve heard most reviewers say the Buds sound better, maybe you have a defective set?

    One thing to note as well is that AirPods may sound louder in a quieter room but when you go somewhere louder you’ll have to crank the volume since they don’t create a seal. Not great for your hearing long term

  2. >Unbiased opinion

    …Immediately shows bias on how amazing the AirPods are.

    Jokes aside, I own both as well and I think it comes down to preference on a lot of these things. The airpods sound great for being the open ear type, but I’ve always preferred the « seal » of in ear headphones, so I like the buds better. Plus they feel more secure – the airpods always feel like they’re on the verge of falling out when I’m running.

    I agree the airpods are easier to handle, but that’s also because they hang out of your ear and there’s something to grab. And because they just sit in your ear rather than fit into it. I’m not taking my headphones in and out frequently so not a concern for me.

  3. First of all my question is which of the two were you listening before this comparison. I mean which one was your daily driver? If you listen to the airpods then your brain adjusts to the sound signature of the airpods and if you switch it with galaxy buds they will sound weird.

    Now, my take on airpods. Since the measurements for galaxy buds isn’t out yet I will be comparing it to hear iconX . And I’m pretty sure the galaxy buds will be an overall upgrade to the iconX.

    Coming to the bass response , I don’t know how you find the airport’s to have more bass than galaxy buds.
    The airpods have no subbass. You can’t hear the 55hz rumble and low low 30hz because the bass in airpods take authority from around 65hz. Below that the bass droops like a mofo. Can almost say the driver is incapable of producing subbass without distorting the driver.(will talk more later on). The « punchy » bass you are talking about is actually ~65hz and above . No considerable midbass bloat though. Punchy is referred to bass which is well controlled and articulate. Airpods are bass shy aka thin sounding.
    Gear iconX have a more linear bass response which is more desirable and gives body to the sound there is addition 3db hump at 200hz to give it a warm sound signature which is pleasing to most. Bass extends really low on iconX. Slight midbass bloat on iconX but that is generally acceptable.

    Coming to midrange the airpods have an outright peak at 2k of around 12db which makes vocals shouty aka more forward which can also be a little sibilant at times , so if a song was recorded with the singer laid back it’s gonna sound like the singer is in front of you in the airpods. The 2k peak is annoying to a lot of people because it gives a fake sense of vocal presence while sacrificing the actual recording. For example the monolith m1060c also have 10db 2k peak which a lot of people dislike. Sennheiser hd650 have no peaks like that yet it has one of the best headphone for vocals. Gear iconX other than having a little midbass bloat have pretty linear response.

    Coming to treble the 2k peak in airpods is followed by a 5db increase in the whole treble giving it a sense of fake detail and sparkle which is sibilant to a lot of people almost all younger generation with preserved hearing. Then comes the 10k peak which is present in both iconX and airpods which give a sense of air/space. Now since the airpods don’t have much warmth to them and this 10k peak makes them overall a bass shy bright pair of earbuds. The 10k peak makes some songs with lot of female vocals sound like -ssss- at times. This gives a sense of decay/reverb type effect(idk how to describe it). The iconX has a dip at 6k which make sibilance almost non existent unlike airpods

    I said above airpods are incapable of producing good bass and not just distortion. Here’s why
    If you look at the distortion graph we see the airport’s have a total harmonic distortion level of around 10percent at 10hz which decreases to 2% at 55hz while the gear iconX have a distortion of 0.7% at 10hz which decreases to 0.5% at 55hz. This is the reason aipods can’t produce good bass because the driver is incapable, slight eq will increase the distortion even more and decrease the dynamic of the current song played. While producing major distortion in low end. Whereas with the iconX it will handle eq very well since you can push the limits of the driver.

    Tldr : airpods are bass shy , vocal forward and bright ish pair of earbuds whereas gear iconX are a more pleasing warm pair of earbuds with a little sparkle .

    I would suggest you to listen to a very neutral pair of reference iem for a week and then make comparisons , you will get what I’m talking about.
    I used gear iconX for comparison because no measure of galaxy buds are available and I think the buds will be overall upgrade to iconX

    Measurements: https://www.rtings.com/headphones/1-2/graph#405/2031/567

  4. I have a hard time believing in ear headphones made by akg sound worse than airpods. I’ve listened to airpods a few times and they sound like absolute trash, unbalanced as fuck and they block litteraly 0 external noise.

    I’ve not listened to the buds yet but if that’s true, the buds must suck some major ass.

  5. I’ve tried several true wireless earphones and nothing has been as overall good as Apple AirPods. I always find non-Apple products a better value, but the AirPods are the better value. No regrets, love them with my Pixel 2, Windows 10 desktop, or Chromebook. Even bought a USB C-Lightning cable to keep with my USB-C only connections. Also, they are GREAT for phone calls, which I do a lot over Bluetooth. I can not say the same about most I’ve tried.


    Also, compared to normal Bluetooth small-light weight headsets, the pods are vastly better for mobility and convince.

  6. My biggest gripe with Buds is that they are in ear. I can’t for the life of me wear any in ear headphones. I really hope someone except Apple makes decent earbuds that aren’t in ear. So far the only ones I saw are Bose but it’s kinda hard to justify buying 250$ pair of headphones when I have WH1000XM3 for when I want decent sound and noise cancelling and AirPods for use outside.

  7. Why are people downvoting this? It is a laymen’s experience.

    Also, who really expected greatness from the Samsung Buds? They look like a rebranded IconX, which weren’t that popular, if you look Amazon/cnet/and other website reviews.

    I had them and it was a shitty experience. One would work and the other wouldn’t. It was extremely bulky and heavy in the ears. And the case was huge.

  8. I’m still confused as to why wireless ear buds exist.

    Most new successful tech exists to solve a problem. The only problem that wireless ear buds solve is that manufactures normally can’t sell $20 headphones for $200.

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