14 réflexions au sujet de “Opéra ajoute illimité service VPN pour son navigateur Android pour Opera”

  1. I used to be huge fan of opera mini for it’s data compression capabilities, however once the deal with Chinese consortium went through, I bid it farewell and never looked back.

  2. Nothing is black and white. Since it is a browser they could potentially get all this information without a VPN Service. I wouldn’t trust them with the security for anything that involves legal actions like piracy or whistleblowing but to bypass regional locks like the one from the BBC it’s good enough in my opinion.

  3. > VPN service in the Android app does not log “activity of data” or attempt to monetize any aspect of the feature.

    Allow me to be skeptical. Well, maybe they don’t need to log VPN activity since they already harvest what they can directly off their browser.

  4. I prefer having a dedicated VPN app which is compatible with multiple devices, not just phones or computers. Paid services are usually maintained better and work better at circumventing various blocks.

  5. Hopefully Brave will add incognito Tor windows like they have in their desktop version, too.

    I love the UI of Opera for Android and actually use it, but I don’t see a ton of use for free VPN-s, maybe except for listening to BBC Radio 1.

  6. With Proton VPN and also the by cloudflare (some people may say it is exactly a VPN) available in the market. What you guys think how well does this fair? And also do you guys trust Opera?

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