NVIDIA travaille sur un nouveau contrôleur de bouclier et bouclier distant NVIDIA

NVIDIA is working on a new SHIELD Controller and SHIELD Remote

Avant de choisir un smartphone pliable, il faut toujours analyse les différents appareils disponibles sur le marché. Lequel, permettra vraiment de lire les actualité chaque jours de manière confortable ?

travaille sur un nouveau contrôleur de bouclier et le bouclier à distance

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  1. I hope they’re also working on a new Shield TV Box.

    The timing of this is interesting. If they’re making a new box, it can use whatever chip is going in the new, supposedly higher power Nintendo Switch revision

  2. I really like the Shield TV as the ultimate home theater client set-top box, but I always seem to have remote control problems.

    I had to discontinue using one of them because the bluetooth remote would become disconnected so often it wasn’t worth using. The latest firmware helps some, but it’s still a constant source of irritation.

    Here’s hoping they’ve found a way to fix it on a more permanent basis.

  3. Mine came with both the slim and game controller.

    My only gripe with the slim one is that I lose it all the time. Drives me crazy and then stuck using the gaming controller. What does drive me a bit crazy is how long it takes to charge the gaming controller.

    I think with Stadia coming the new Google Internet controller will be the preferred controller. There will be a slight decrease in latency using the Stadia controller. Plus I would expect Google to prioritize traffic from the controller.

    One of the biggest uses for our Shield is YouTube TV and hope Google enables the new Stadia controller to work with YouTube TV.

    But do it with a direct connection to Google and then use the CC that is built-in the Shield.

  4. All I want them to do is get rid of the stupid unreliable capacitative buttons that only work half the time. If one of your joysticks is even a micron off center, the controller thinks you’re in the middle of some intense gameplay and deactivates the capacitative buttons to prevent « accidental » input, which is nice in theory but makes them hell to use in practice thanks to natural stick drift.

  5. Weird problem, but I really really hope they get rid of the capacitive audio touchpad thing on the current Shield TV remote. My dog always likes to sniff and mess around with our remotes, but the Shield TV seems to be the only one he can actually activate. Last time it happened, we were watching a horror movie and it scared the shit out of us — our TV had a huge spike in volume because that lovable furry dumbass stuck his nose in the remote holder and « swiped » the volume up.

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