27 réflexions au sujet de “Nouvelle fonctionnalité de WhatsApp vous indique combien de fois votre message a été… Nouvelle fonctionnalité de WhatsApp”

  1. Nice, this will tell people that WhatsApp can indeed track who the original sender is. Next feature — show who the original message sender is to the recipients.

    Edit: (updated for clarity)

  2. As messages are end to end encrypted even for groups, it is not possible for the server to count how many times a message has been forwarded. So clients will append a counter in the message header which is incremented everytime when someone forwards it.

    It is possible for a modified client to lie about the forwarded counter. As forwarded messages are re-encrypted by the forwarding client, there is no way to verify whether the counter has been modified during the process. But for a majority of population, spreading of fake news can be reduced by using this method.

    I have deeply studied Signal protocol and this is my speculated technical explanation which is likely going to happen.

  3. People here are missing the point here. These kinds of things are done because Whatsapp is extremely popular in india and fake msg’s can and DO lead to death of many people and other communal crimes.

    This isnt good, but better than a fake news text taking someone’s life.

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