N’oubliez pas comment Google Google Voice a laissé une fois abandonnés sans n’importe quel updat…

N’oubliez pas comment Google Google Voice a laissé une fois abandonnés sans n’importe quel updat…

Remember how Google once left Google Voice abandoned without any updates for 5 years and then suddenly remembered they owned it?

Avant de choisir un smartphone pliable, il faut absolument analyse les différents appareils disponibles sur le marché. Lequel, permettra vraiment de lire les news chaque jours de manière gréable ?

[Yeah. It was weird.](https://blog.google/products/google-voice/ringing-2017-updates-our-google-voice-apps/) j’avais utilisé la voix depuis son lancement en 2009, donc je pourrais avoir un numéro local où je fréquentais collège jusqu’à ce que je me suis déplacé en 2015 à travers le pays. Puis tout d’un coup, 5 ans après que elle a été mise à jour, Google a publié une mise à jour de l’app et ont gardé depuis lors mis à jour avec des corrections de bugs, caractéristiques, etc.. Encore surpris il a survécu à tant de leurs autres activités.

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  1. Just the other day I got a notification in the Google Voice app that said that all the SMS history from when I used Hangouts was now merged and available in the app.

    I think they abandoned GV when they intended to use Hangouts as their one platform, but once they decided to (eventually) kill Hangouts they started up active development on GV again.

  2. Love GV. Been using for years. It is a product that has so much value for a wide variety of use cases.

    Professor and do NOT want to give out your mobile phone number but want to provide a number for students.

    Just create a GV account, get a #, set to forward at certain times.

    Or a hot chick that wants to be careful what number you give out. I guess also a hot guy.

    Or want to give the image of a large company. Can set up GV with different departments, etc. It is endless.

    One of my favorites if have younger kids. Want to give them a mobile phone super cheap.

    Take an old phone and get a GV account for them and then just have them use your phone as a hotspot and they can use WiFi at school. They basically have a mobile phone without a monthly fee. Should be able to find an old phone so the total thing is zero cost to you.

  3. Still using my GV number for all the store loyalty cards, and input that number rather than carry a wad of plastic cards. Put Do Not Disturb on GV so I won’t be bothered by telemarketers who may call that number and get transferred to my real phone. Keeping GV as long as it remains free.

  4. I’ve been using gv for longer than I can remember. The only things it’s missing are support for being the default system messaging and integration with Android auto.

  5. Anybody here remember when it was Grand Central? Read about it in the the technology section in the local newspaper. Probably around the last time I picked up an actual newspaper and learned something new that I hadn’t already read about online.

  6. This kind of behavior is why Stadia likely won’t gain traction from developers over a long period of time. If I’m a studio and I have to consider committing development time and resources for Stadia, I’d be looking at their non committal attitude pretty seriously.

  7. Best thing to happen to it. If it had Google actively trying to figure out what to do with it they would have released useless updates screwed up the product and then shut it down when people left it on droves.

  8. Got it when it was grand central so that I can create my own number with the last 4 digits spelling out Chef. Currently a Google fi user. Shoot I got my gmail account when you needed an invite to get one.

  9. I thought it was talked about that Google was using Google Voice to amass human voice data for building out their speech recognition capabilities. I think then when they had enough data they mainly just stopped caring about it and hence the no updates.

    I think they only started caring about it again because they decided to push into telephony providing with Fi, so keeping it maintained made sense again.

  10. Can you use the Google Voice app as a separate line? Currently I use Hangouts for one number and my actual Phone app for another.

    This works well for me because I have unlimited data but only a few talk minutes. I’d rather not forward calls; I’d like two lines on my phone, with separate numbers, one cellular and one VoIP/SIP.

  11. Except they STILL haven’t fixed the voicemail bug. Google released a much advertised feature way back in Marshmallow where voicemail apps and services could display voicemail directly in the dialer tab. Google then promptly updates Google voice to break this feature. If you update the app, the voicemail tab doesn’t work. If you roll the app back (and never update), that tab works great. It’s ridiculous.

  12. Why updates when something is working fine? I don’t get why with the smartphone becoming mainstream, everyone thinks that apps have to get updates all the time.

    What will happen as a result, can be seen on so many apps: Tapatalk which was changed untill it got the worst UX. Pocket cast which had a perfect UI and then they started messing up the UX.

    If something is good, keep it good.

  13. I write software for work, so I get it, software development is harder and takes longer than you might think. But still, I don’t get how GV has gone that long without a rework.

  14. The killer for me was separating GV from being able to initiate conversations by voice on android auto and assistant, as well as issues with goddamn hangouts taking 5 minutes to load convos every so often.

  15. I’m pretty late to the party but i think a primary reason google is keeping up on voice because they use a feature for local business on search and search ads called « message » and this uses the same infrastructure as google voice but is actually profitable. A lot of paying buisness customers also use google voice numbers in their ad campaigns to track conversions from which online ad sent the customer there.

  16. Apart from not having sms, Allo was a great app.

    It says a lot they were not willing to just add sms.

    Now they are going the RCS route with messages and after years of talk about RCS, probably less than 2% of phone users actually have it.

    Now we’re at the mercy of the carriers.

    I don’t see how a company that does such things can actually last.

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