Non, ces photos n’ont pas été prises avec le Huawei P30

No, these photos weren’t taken with the Huawei P30

Avant de choisir un smartphone pliable, il faut toujours regarder les différents appareils disponibles sur le marché. Lequel, permettra vraiment de regarder les jokes chaque jours de manière gréable ?

non, ces photos n’ont pas été prises avec le Huawei P30

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  1. I think that they should be fined for misleading customers. Even if they don’t directly say that these photos were taken by the P30, the specific context of these (for all intents and purposes) stock photos implies that they were taken with that phone.

    If they really insisted on having stock photos which don’t depict the product (so, landscapes) and apart from « these are examples of the photos this device can produce » leave no other interpretation relevant to the ad, they should be required to boldly mark these as stock footage, not taken by the P30, and thus completely defeating the implication.

    Wanna show off your phone? Show off your actual phone. Don’t edit to enhance the colours/brightness of the display. Don’t modify the showcase device with unsafe modifications (essentially overclocking with no safeguards) just so that its performance will seem better (I’m sure that companies have done that). Don’t add random stock footage from DSLRs that is seemingly irrelevant to your product (apart from the implication that it can be produced by it). If you want to make the phone more visually appealing in your ads, you should only be allowed to do so by playing with lighting and such. You shouldn’t be allowed to alter the footage of the device (the background is fair game, just not the product itself).

  2. Pretty sure no one in their right mind thought that these promotional quotes were meant as photos taken by the P30.

    So far the only one they’ve confirmed is taken by it is this one of the moon using the 10x zoom feature:


    Here’s the actual original post on Weibo (Chinese Twitter):

    Not a single person in the comments actually thought that this piece of promo was meant to show the P30’s sample photos. They’re using stock photos to put some « inspirational » quotes on top of them as an ad.

  3. I am not surprised what some marketing firm does. There should be an asterisk placed at the bottom of these marketing campaign images that say « *Images are simulated » much like the tv commercials of phones say.

    I think they are just trying to show the zoom level. Not that the photos are actually what you will get. Also its not like they deliver shit cameras. They have delivered leading edge camera performance for the last few years.

    Would you rather them pull an apple and have a professional photographer go out to locations the average individual would never see in their life and pick the best composed photo out of 1942 taken,, send it through lightroom and say « SHOT ON THE P30 PRO ». To me it isn’t any different than using stock photos to emulate a feature (zoom).

  4. It actually amazes me that these are real pictures _at all_. I would have thought this industry had transitioned to 100% CGI like the food industry, furniture, fashion, most of technology obviously, etc. I mean I don’t even expect tourism/travel photos to be real these days.

    It’s not like there are laws against false advertisement… ( /s because in many countries that’s a thing but I’ve never seen it half-enforced in years). Not that people care anyway — they truly don’t, and even such headlines barely make it into a 5 second joke then move on.

  5. Guys, y’all seriously believe those photos taken from huawei phone? i mean seriously? They just go and find a volcano erupting and took the photos? So if every year they use the same volcano photos and you guys believed that huawei go find volcano everytime!?

    Huawei didnt even mention that those photos taken from their P30 man.

    I swear human intelligence are degrading at very fast pace

  6. The phone has a decent enough camera, why bother with stock photos? It’s possible they used an outside marketing firm that didn’t have access to the phone.

  7. So based on this logic, if i see nike ads on usain bolt wearing the shoes and run so fast there’s a neon light behind him….i will get the same when i wore those shoes?


    i hug kim kardashian in photos mean we are in relationship?

    DoNt YoU GuYs HaVe BrAiNs!?

  8. One idiot on Twitter argued these photos are only to show what the phone « could produce ». Obviously this guy was a corporate shill for Huawei (it was comments of Android authority) and claimed us Americans are in the past and will lose.

    I don’t care if they use pro mode to make photos to advertise with, if it’s not from the sensors and software of the device then it’s obviously fake.

    Also China let us turn off the « beautification » in all your phones, its just smoothening out all the detail in faces. They don’t look beautiful, it looks like a someone used Paint to photoshop a face.

  9. Go to Apple’s website now, are you telling me every screen image is taken from real life? All of it CGI and photoshop. Look at the Apple watch how can there be no screendoor whatsoever, zoomed up that close with it’s resolution? Complete non story.

  10. Just like Go Pro often uses the most expesive cameras in the world, so the watcher thinks the Go Pro is able to do the same quality recording, when all they did was to make a shitty camera with more shitty firmware, not running it or maybe running it, if you are lucky that is! And then you would think they made upgrades for crappy firmware, no, they just make a new model with more crappy firmware and they have done this 7-8 times now, and people still buy their overpriced CRAP!

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