Nokia 7 Plus soft de stock caméra connexion aux serveurs de Facebook

Nokia 7 Plus soft de stock caméra connexion aux serveurs de Facebook

Nokia 7 Plus stock camera app connecting to Facebook servers

Avant d’acheter un smartphone pliable, il faut absolument analyse les différents modèles disponibles sur le marché. Lequel, permettra vraiment de lire les news chaque jours de manière confortable ?

hier tout en vérifiant mes logs AdGuard, j’ai réalisé que mon application caméra stock a [tried to connect]( vers les serveurs de Facebook à l’improviste. Je n’ai pas utilisé facebook, ouvert mon appareil photo ou quelque chose comme ça. Cela semble un peu étrange.

Aujourd’hui, j’ai réalisé que chaque fois je prends une photo ou pas qu’une seule fois ouvrir la caméra, l’application appareil photo [tries to connect to Facebook]( mais ** deux fois **. Facebook n’a pas été utilisé du tout en ce moment et cela s’est produit à chaque fois que la caméra a été ouvert ou une photo a été prise.

N’est-ce pas un problème énorme de la vie privée ? Pourquoi serait une application caméra stock sur une ** Android un ** besoin de téléphone pour rejoindre les serveurs de Facebook ? Ne semble pas trop bon, au moins pas après l’incident de la vie privée Nokia une autre tout à l’heure.

J’ai envoyé une question à ce sujet à Nokia mais que vous n’avez pas reveived une réponse encore.

** EDIT ** : essayé de reproduire une fois de plus, faire encore mieux avec autant comme [FIVE]( connexion à Facebook sur l’ouverture de l’app.

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  1. I’ve been logging network access on my phone for a while now and I think you’d be suprised at the amount of apps which silently connect with Facebook. I don’t even have Facebook.


    Facebook has been moving data like this for a long time. A few years ago they paid kids to fork over data with an app, it got removed but there is still code around from it in other apps. You don’t even have to have Facebook at all. Still transmits your data simply because the companies get paid and you can’t do anything about it. Lawsuit? Sure, fight one of the biggest companies in the world, they can likely pay all suits and still make a profit.

    Can’t really fix that… Unless you use modded APKs that specifically block analytics.

    Side note, Google also had a pay for your info service.

  3. Your phone is actually never secure, and it has never been. Big servive providers can always check a ton of info from your device which most of the time is harmless in a way. As long as you stay online there is a trace your actions which, depending on their interest, big providers like Google, facebook instagram whatsaap and carriers can access.

  4. Idk if this is related but Facebook services has been running in the background literally since I got my phone. I’ve kind of given up at this point, they probably already know everything about me anyway.

    Edit: [Here]( is a screenshot. Cant show any longer than the last week but keep in mind my phone has been off for a good chunk of that week too.

  5. > Isn’t this a huge privacy issue?

    Being on Facebook at all is a higher privacy issue. If you stress on Facebook then you deserve every single breach of yours rights thay happens to you, because you willingly asked for it.

  6. Happens on the stock camera app on my Nokia 6.1 plus too. I noticed it a while ago but have been too busy to check what’s in the packets. In the meantime, I have blocked all traffic from the system apps.

    It should be clear after all these incidents and the fake promises of an unlockable bootloader, that Nokia doesn’t give a shit about user’s privacy.

  7. Why does this sub have a giant hate boner for Facebook while gleefully handing over 90% of their data to Google? You’re out here outraged over a camera app ping while you upload all your photos unencrypted to Google servers where an ai bot scans them…

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