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  1. OP’s explanation:

    >It’s short and the fluidity of the first dude that gets whacked in the face is entertaining. You can also notice smaller things after watching it a few times like the hesitance of the other guy and other small detail

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  2. His execution is hilarious, but his technique isn’t completely clueless, look at how he pulls back the leg on the second kick. I bet he went to Taekwondo classes when he was like 10 years old and bragged about having a yellow belt, when his friend said « Tekwondo sucks anyway, boxing is better » and he answered « Oh yea? Are you brave enough put your money where your mouth is? »

  3. Uhhh. The non-dancer doesn’t even punch prancer. His “punch” ends up in a high-placed one arm push coming back towards himself.
    I think some video of the black kid doing this same dance will surface soon…

  4. I’m 99.8% positive this kid has a intellectual disability… and the guy who hit him is a fucking bitch and I hope he gets cancer and his whole family burns in a fire

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