Navigateur mobile à venir de Mozilla Firefox Fenix change par onglets-basket…

Navigateur mobile à venir de

Navigateur mobile à venir de Mozilla Firefox Fenix change par onglets-basket… Navigateur mobile à venir de

Mozilla’s upcoming mobile browser Firefox Fenix changes tabbed-browsing fundamentally

Avant de comparer un smartphone pliable, il faut toujours voir les différents modèles disponibles sur le marché. Lequel, permettra vraiment de mater les blagues chaque jours de manière gréable ?

Mozilla Firefox Fenix modifie la navigation par onglets fondamentalement

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  1. Could they make tabs work at all in Firefox Focus first before they try to do a new thing? I’m kind of tired of opening links in new tabs just for them to never load and forget what the link was supposed to be.

  2. That sounds kinda obnoxious tbh, unless there’s a way to have automatically save and restore a session without having to manually reopen it.

    The whole sessions idea is great, but that shouldn’t mean also losing existing functionality that is very useful.

  3. Can they please not put the Firefox name on this one? It is getting very hard to keep track of all of them, and it is beginning to confuse consumers.

    Nevermind the fact that if the new tab/session system is the only thing different, I can’t see why anyone would switch to it over regular firefox…

  4. Holy crap, this might be what finally prompts me to switch browsers. I’m really dependent on the Chrome sync thing, but I think I’d give that up for this if it made its way into the main Firefox app.

  5. Damn, it’s Set Aside but with better integration into the workflow. I had an idea like this once, if it runs well it could be what gets me to switch from Chrome Mobile.

    It’ll need those sweet gestures, though.

  6. You know, I’m not sure how I feel about this, but I’d definitely give it a shot. I love that people are still out there trying to re-think the way we do things, and whether they could be done better.

  7. On a slightly unrelated note, I for the life of me can’t use Firefox browsers on my android devices. Whatever be the device and whoever be the OEM, I get high battery drains from Firefox. I hope this one solves that.

  8. this « fundamental change » sounds more like « the exact same thing, but now you have to press a button to stop it from deleting everything »

    wtf mozilla?

  9. I absolutely do not want this. I leave tasks unfinished in the browser as a « to do » list, seldom have more than three or four concurrent tasks open. I would be annoyed if anything ever changed without my input and control.

    Who would ever want anything to happen by itself? You leave tabs where they are for a reason.

  10. The most interesting thing about this browser, for me, is that they’ve put the navigation bar at the bottom… where it’s supposed to be.
    So unless they fuck up pretty badly, I can see me adopting this.

  11. I just want Firefox to support either tablet style tabs on phone, or have chrome style tab switching gestures. It’s too clunky having to hit the button every time I want to switch between two tabs

  12. This sounds pretty good. The « desktop » style tab management on mobile has never been ideal IMO, since unless you manually go close your tabs, you just keep piling up old tabs that you don’t need. This is because when you close your browser on desktop (by default, some users use it differently), you lose your open tabs. But when you go back to your home screen on mobile, you’re not closing your browser, or any of the tabs.

    This is why I started using Firefox Focus. 90% of the time I browse on mobile, I want to use that tab for a few minutes, then it to be gone. Firefox Focus fits that use case perfectly. I still have normal Firefox (and Chrome) installed if I want to keep some tabs open for a longer period, which is something I do. But most of my browsing is in Focus. With the tabbed changes in Fenix, it could be more practical for me to use that one browser for everything.

    Then you have people like my wife, who keep like 40 tabs open in Chrome on their phone, and essentially use them as bookmarks and do not want them to be closed. I’m not sure if these changes would be good, bad, or neutral for her use case haha (probably neutral).

  13. Yeah Allo I see as an original idea that failed but then got cannibalized as a beta project for the AI integration ideas we are seeing now. Same in the end but they definitely pushed that Allo duo power team at first, lol

  14. Mozilla : Too little too late, too late, too late, still too late. You’re irrelevant moz. Go back to playing politics with AOL’s lawyers.

  15. Why? I just got used to Firefox on Android, why on earth is this not a new feature in Firefox rather than a brand new browser? I’m not interested in this session saving tbh, it sounds annoying. Just keep improving Firefox on Android and I’d be happy!

  16. Mozilla are spending too much money on developers. They should take full page ads in US newspapers and fill up some billboards on Time Square.

  17. Tried it.

    It is not even beta level. Perhaps alpha.

    Settings don’t work, desktop mode doesn’t work, firefox extensions don’t work.

    A hard PASS for now.

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