10 réflexions au sujet de “Myki de Melbourne sera disponible sur Google paye du jeudi”

  1. Great news. I’ve been part of the trial for a couple of months and it works really well, finally dragging our ticketing system into this century. Melbournians should be excited

  2. A reminder to anyone that wants to use it, be sure to register the card. From what I have seen the virtual card only exists on the phone and if you do a reset or lose it, then the card is lost and if unregistered so is the balance.

    It also doesn’t support things like the Commuter Club 365 day pass.

  3. TL;DR
    You can now use Android NFC to commute on trains, buses, and trams.

    iPhone users can’t do the same because of the high fees Apple is asking for. Apple wants a cut of every credit top up.

  4. Garbage app that barely works. Phone dies? Enjoy the $200 fine dickhead. Trying to use it? Metro didn’t tell any of their staff about it so when they check your ticket they’ll get aggressive. Half of the readers are the old style which aren’t powerful enough to pick up an nfc chip apart from a few cm of the sweet spot.

    Aside from being able to top it up on the app there is absolutely no reason to use this over the card.

    Once again metro managed to not fucking just let you use a credit or debit card because of how shittily coded the entire myki system. The guy who handed out the myki tender to his wife’s brother and let the winner write the tender should go to jail. Imagine handing out the most expensive smart card system contract ever to a company who has never developed one before.

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