17 réflexions au sujet de “Motorola One Vision presse Render”

  1. This one will be interesting if it comes with a huge battery (4500-5000 mAh). The processor (exynos 9610) seems fairly efficient, the camera will be pretty good with that 48MP sensor, design looks pretty good and android one is a cherry on top.

  2. I been liking Motorola phones lately a lot like I used to when I owned my OG Moto G and then my Moto G3, but the pricing is horrible and makes me not to think of getting it or recommend it.

    On another note, I like that now we are embracing the hole punch, to be honest I like it way too much more than the notch. That means this year is the year of the hole punch.

  3. That notification bar is HUGE and its motorola so i would expect this to be horribly overpriced,

    The moto ONE is £209 for a 720p screen and snap 625

    Moto g7 plus is £279 for a snap 636

    Meanwhile the note 7 is in spain for 199 euro for 64gb and getting a UK release very soon

  4. Best design I’ve seen so far (though unreleased) is the Meizu 16s… symmetrical minimal bezels with the camera placed in the top bezel…only thing is how good will that camera be?…for a lot of ppl here that doesn’t matter much though…

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