Motorola Moto Z4 fui 91mobiles

Motorola Moto Z4 fui 91mobiles

Motorola Moto Z4 Leaked from 91mobiles

étant donné que le mod a frappé mon post pour ne pas être la source d’origine puis frapper un neuf pour mettre jeez, ou quelque chose et maintenant je ne peux pas poster un lien Im mettre comme texte ici

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  1. I hope the 4GB/64GB storage line isn’t confirmed, because the RAM would be a bit disappointing here. Everything else is shaping up, however. Motorola needs a STRONG flagship device and this seems mostly promising.

  2. > It’s worth mentioning that similar-looking CAD-based renders of a Motorola device being referred to as the Moto Z4 Play are also floating online. However, our source suggests that Motorola has no plans to release a Play model in the Z series this year.


  3. Glad they’re keeping the mods alive. I’ve always liked these phones and if they’re still around in a few years when I upgrade I’ll definitely consider it

  4. Why can’t Moto just have a normal flagship? Enough with the mods. Give me a Moto with shatterproof and 6ram. And 5g built in for future proof. And it’s all mine immediately.

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