Moronic Monday (Apr 22 2019) – Your weekly questions thread!

Moronic Monday (Apr 22 2019) – Your weekly questions thread!

Avant de choisir un smartphone pliable, il faut toujours analyse les différents appareils disponibles sur le marché. Lequel, permettra vraiment de lire les jokes tous les jours de manière gréable ?

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33 réflexions au sujet de “Moronic Monday (Apr 22 2019) – Your weekly questions thread!”

  1. Phone updated to Android 9, now the Pebble app doesn’t automatically run when I turn it on. I have to go and launch the Pebble app manually to connect it.
    Is there a way I can make it just happen. like before?

  2. I have a Samsung S10+ on Android 9, and whenever I click a string of digits it asks if I want to copy or call the phone number. It also adds the UK country code (+44) to the front even if it’s a foreign phone number and even if it’s not a phone number at all.

    I can’t find the setting to change it anywhere, anyone know how I disable the country code or the phone copy feature altogether?

  3. I’m going to change my phone in the coming weeks and I’ve been thinking on what I wanna get. I have a Samsung S6 Edge atm, but it’s run it’s time and it’s time for a change. I’m looking into performance and battery mainly, camera isn’t that big of a deal. I’ve been looking into S10+ and Xiaomi Mi 9. Which one would you recommend and if you have any other suggestions please let me know.

  4. Anyone know how to text over Wi-Fi exclusively? I get no service in my house at all and the internet says I can just use the default messages app regularly over wifi but it keeps telling me i cannot send messages without mobile data.

  5. I have a Xiaomi Mi A2 and would like to buy an additional charger.

    What specs do I need to match, to ensure it’s compatible? The charger I got with the phone is 5V2A. Is it okay to buy a charger with higher values here?

  6. Can anybody suggest an alternative to Chrome on Android? I love chrome but I can’t block any ads. I have firefox as well but it feels lackluster to chrome.

  7. Looking for a simple way to record audio on my Samsung Galaxy S9. I’d like an app that doesn’t require a bunch of permissions and doesn’t send all my data or audio to strange places.
    Any recommendations?

  8. What are people using to record calls on android?

    After Android Pie upgrade SGS8 if useless for recording. I guess I may have to buy a new phone for call recording?

  9. I just got my new Galaxy S9+. This morning it has downloaded and installed updates twice. Now it says there is another update. What is going on?

  10. So I’ve finally rooted my Samsung S8 and I’ve been playing around with the apps in Good Lock. Made myself a style for notification panel but some apps can barely be seen due to conflicting text colours. Is there a way I can force the apps using black text to use white text instead? I’ve check the settings inside the FlashScores app but can’t change anything there. Thanks!

  11. Does anyone know how to make the phone more aggressive at wifi switching?


    I have two wireless access points, one for the house and one for the garden. My phone won’t switch to the garden wifi until the house wifi signal drops completely.


    Is there a way to make the wifi switch over to the stronger signal in a more effective way? I’d prefer doing it without apps but I can’t find anything in the settings.

  12. google maps question:
    [1] when we search for a direction on desktop browser, it shows travel time / ETA based on current traffic plus traffic trend for that day & time.
    [2] when we use google maps on android phone for navigation (ie, driving now) from point A to B (a few hours apart), it doesn’t seem to do the « trend based predicting » part. it keeps changing the ETA based on « this moment » traffic along the entire route.
    eg, I start at 2am, navigating on google maps on android. it shows ETA 9am, no place in red, coz there’s no traffic along entire route at 2am. I keep driving, and by around 7-8am types the ETA starts creeping , adds approx 20mins for each 30mins, coz morning rush hour traffic, starts adding red zones. and finally ETA is some 1030am and I reach by 1030am.

    whereas, when I do a google maps search on desktop browser with the « start by day-time » option , it shows ETA around 10-1030 am , and in fact shows the peak-hour zones in red.

    am I doing it wrong while navigating on phone, or is this the same for everyone?

  13. What recent phone or tablet (newer than 2 years) supports USB-C to HDMI? I was looking at a Pixel C, but search results show that the Pixel C does not support HDMI. I have a Chromecast to mirror the screen, but the output lags a lot and is grainy.

  14. Why is bitrate of smartphone cameras so low? I dont think that memory and soc is the problem. And why even the newest smartphones cameras are not smooth when moving edgeways? Sorry for bad explanation, i hope you know what i mean.

  15. Can anybody comment on the LG V40 vs G8? Our family is planning to switch carriers and Verizon happens to have a very lucrative special offer on both phones right now when you switch. I was going to wait on the V50, but these offers essentially get us the phones for each line for something like $130-$230 apiece. I’m torn on the two though, it seems they trade blows on specs across the board. We’re switching from V20’s and while I’ll be sad to see the removable battery go, I think these are both capable options to replace the V20’s.

    Some advantages of the G8:

    * Snapdragon 855 (vs 845), Adreno 640 (vs 630) – is it that significant in average daily use?
    * Newer – possibly more support before I have to mess with LineageOS for the family?
    * More internal storage (128GB vs 64GB)
    * Slightly larger battery & better battery life according to a few reviewers
    * Slightly cheaper

    Some advantages of the V40:

    * Triple cameras w/ OIS and optical zoom options
    * Larger screen
    * Lighter/Slimmer
    * Dual front cameras
    * Doesn’t seem to suffer from some odd vibrating audio issues highlighted [here](, that I almost certainly would find annoying when watching something handheld.

    I’m also not sure about the OLED in the G8 vs P-OLED in the V40, does it matter in the slightest?

    Are there any other things I should know about either phone? Most of the complaints I’ve read about are related to price and, well, with this offer price is the least of my concerns.

  16. Don’t know if this is the right place, but I’ll keep digging too. My Droid Maxx II screen finally cracked and the thing has been acting up recently (lag spikes, battery issues). The way I see it, I’ve got a few options I wanted to get y’all’s opinions on:

    * Buy a new screen to replace (~$50)
    * Buy a ‘new’ refurbished version of it (~$70) or another ($??, any recommendations?)
    * Buy a new phone

    Thoughts? I’ve got a budget of ~$150, I’d prefer to be under $100, but could go up to $200 for something that would last. Don’t really put any heavy usage on my phones, mostly music, Google Maps/Uber, and texting. Or any places y’all think I should look to learn more?

  17. Trying to decide on a sub-$100 backup phone, I am from the US and using Sprint. Pretty much my only two options appear to be the LG V20 and LG G6.

    So, my current phone is an HTC 10, I am looking for a cheap backup phone that is more or less on-par with it for preferably under $100 and that is certified by Google for SafetyNet.

    I am a little worried about using eBay, some of them can be sketchy or the phones could have been hacked/unlocked/rooted before (I want them to be untouched) and them not mentioning that, which is why I want to use Swappa… but their prices are higher.

    Another issue is that since these phones are getting old, the battery could have degraded significantly.

    I was eyeing the LG V20, as like the G5 (which it appears to essentially be a better version of) it has a removable battery, so the battery having died down wouldn’t be too big an issue. But then I heard that the G4/G5/V10/V20 series phones had some kind of bootloop issue which was a hardware flaw, so much so that LG had refunds/lawsuits over it…. so it feels like I would be rolling the dice if I got a V20.

    Issue with the G6 however is that it seems to basically be a « fixed » G5 with a non-removable battery that costs more, around $125 minimum on Swappa, so I would have to go with eBay to try to gfet a sub-$100 price…. and then there is the issue that a used 2017 phone might have a battery that is shot, since I would no longer have the option to easily replace it.

    Not sure which one to go with.

  18. Could someone please ELI5 how much PPI matters/when to stop?

    I’m trying to find a new phone from my old s6 & the PPI resolution is apparently around 530, yet most newer phones are a lot less? Feel like I’m missing something in understanding this but dunno what as surely most newer phones will have better displays?

    For me – accurate colours and clear images are really important

    Thank you!

  19. Not trying to troll, but why do people like Android?

    Years ago, I had used iPhones exclusively, then decided to give Android a shot and got a Galaxy S7 (brand new at the time) and it was fucking awful.

    The OS is so clunky and sluggish. Hell, I could barely text my friends because nothing would ever send. I’d lose photos I just took for no reason, would get advertisements on my phone for no reason with certain apps. It was just a mess and a half. I don’t get it. iOS, although less customizable, works so much smoother and has never given me issues. What’s the appeal of Android?

  20. So let me see if I’ve got this right…

    I’ve got an « Egg Timer » app on my phone, and I’ve been using the same one for years and years. Naturally there are 8million results when searching « egg timer » on the play store, so how do I find the page for this one? I go to the app drawer and drag the icon to « app info, » but there is no info aside from a version number. I go to « my apps, » but it is not listed. I did not sideload it or anything.

    I suppose this is an app that might be sending all my bank information to Macau, and therefore isn’t in the store anymore, but is this really how I’m supposed to find this out? Ugh.

  21. so I primarily use google voice to text(50/50 on what number i’ll call from as calling over data seems to be terrible quality).

    Google hangouts has become a steaming pile of shit and bugs out a lot of the time forcing me to restart the app so i can open a conversation in it.

    Does anyone have any recommendations for a messaging application for google voice? Is there a way to have the default messaging app work for my google voice numebr and my verizon number?

    Also, I use the hangouts browser extension on my PC to text people a lot… hope I wont lose the ability to text/call people from my PC.

    Any recs?

  22. As of last week my phone app will not show names of saved contacts when I’m receiving or making a call. I have checked permissions in settings and the phone and contacts both have permissions. Need some help, this is unbelievable aggravating since now I have to guess if it’s a robot call or work call

  23. What good is a tablet-sized screen in normal, out-and-about use? I see the Galaxy Fold and think to myself « in what situations would I want to use a big screen? ».

    Waiting at the airport? Travelling on the bus/train? In most cases, I find that I could easily pack a separate tablet/laptop for that purpose anyway. I’d probably be wary about battery drain if I tried using Tablet Mode on a foldable phone.

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