Mon Pixel m’espionne.

Mon Pixel m’espionne.

My Pixel is spying on me.

Avant de choisir un smartphone pliable, il faut toujours analyse les différents appareils disponibles sur le marché. Lequel, permettra vraiment de lire les blagues tous les jours de manière confortable ?

j’ai jamais cru que quiconque poster quelque chose de similaire, jusqu’à ce que j’ai commencé à remarquer un modèle de comportement inquiétant de mon téléphone.

HIER, 3/26 1. 09:00 – un collègue et moi avons discuté Blockchain. [Two hours later this shows up. ]( 2. 12:00 – pendant le déjeuner, que j’ai eu des conversations avec d’autres collègues sur le Web sombre. [Later in the afternoon I see this. ]( aujourd’hui 3/27 1. 09:00 – sur une conférence téléphonique au travail que j’ai passé dix minutes à discuter des options d’authentification multi facteur pour l’application mobile, que nous allons déployer. [Around 10am this shows up. ]( je ne suis pas parano, et j’ai jamais cherché pour un de ces sujets, pas sur mon téléphone, et pas sur n’importe quel appareil. Vérifiez par vous-même. Ça se passe. Et il est arrivé à arrêter. Je suis fatigué de cette.

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  1. Smarter people than me (or you) have looked into this. You can analyze the traffic coming in and out of your phone. If this was true that would mean a 24/7 stream of data up and down from everyone with an Android phone. Your feed is based off of your searches, what Google thinks you’d like to see, and other random stuff.

  2. Your phone is not spying on you. Not because it would be technically impossible to spy on you, or because they aren’t out of the goodness of their hearts, but rather because they don’t need to spy on you. With the data on searches and web browsing activity and the knowledge of your social network, machine learning can already predict with a high degree of accuracy what you will be talking about *before you even talk about it.*

    For an example, consider your conversation about Blockchain. Sure, you may never have searched for anything about Blockchain, but what about the other parties in the conversation? Did you or your colleague have any other conversations with other people about Blockchains? If so, it is entirely possible that someone else could have researched Blockchain, prompting google to send you Blockchain content. Moreover, consider this: why were you even talking about Blockchain in the first place? If you and your coworkers are like most people, the conversation happened because someone saw an article they found interesting about Blockchain on the internet. Unless you are talking about classified information in a SCIF, you will find someone reading about whatever you are currently talking about on the internet within a few hops up the conversation graph.



  3. Confirmation bias coupled with the fact that google knows so much about you that they predict things you don’t even know you are thinking about. Funny thing is google seems totally shitty at predicting anything for me…most of the examples I would show are ads for products I’ve already bought, google rewards for places I never enter, my feed fully of pop culture bullshit I never care about and will not stop appearing no matter how many times I tell it I’m not interested. Google feed has been trash for me for years.

  4. This has been disproved so many times. As I’m sure every other single comment has told you by now. It would be easily detectable and make your battery shit. Also you can see how the news is categorized as, the only even remotely related to its field is dark web. You got the blockchain one just under the tab of internet, and you got the 2 factor one because its a google product and if you cannot pretend you are not interested in Google if you have a Pixel.

    >Check for yourself.

    I’ve checked for myself MANY MANY times and never once has anything I’ve talked about shown up as a ad. Stuff I’ve google searched has, stuff I typed on Gboard has, but nothing I have said even in a phone call or Dou chat has shown up as a ad.


    >I’m not paranoid

    Well actually all signs point to you being Paranoid.


  5. While it’s hard to just ignore these instances, the logic I always tell myself and to others, including people whom I have gotten into arguments with about my Xbox One Kinect sitting in my living room is this:

    This is not something that they acknowledge and rightfully so, there would be major outrage. With that being said, if anyone ever discovered that this IS happening, there would be major news coverage and would do serious damage to said company. This would be something that could legitimately bring a company down.

    So no, I am not worried about my Android phone spying on me past what I already acknowledge and no, I am not worried about my Xbox One Kinect sensor sending videos of me walking around my house naked to Microsoft employee’s. I would love to find out they do though, so I could sue the shit out of them.

  6. Yup. Happened several times with the weird stuff people bring up in conversation with me, completely unrelated to anything I search or consume online, and I will get an ad a couple hours later for that.

  7. I have noticed the same thing happen to me over the past couple weeks. Usually I chalk it up to me searching for something related, but this time I know for sure a couple of ads were about something I never searched for.

    I’m also one that never believed it but man, is getting hard to overlook, especially over the past couple weeks

  8. Google support – We’re sorry we got busted but aren’t you supposed to be having dinner with your wife right now. Also before you take legal action remember we know all those other stuff about you as well…

  9. Well, when i put my phone near the TV, it tries to « recognize » my voice, meaning my mic is always on(for google assistant). Also, im pretty sure you google those subjects, browsed the internet. Howd you learn about blockchain?dark web?multi factor auth? I apologize in advance, if you are a super genius and get your information from paper books 🙁

  10. Anecdotal evidence, I know, but one night I was at my parents and we were about to go out to dinner. I was joking with my mom about my dad needing hearing aids. My phone was in my pocket, screen off.

    20 minutes partner at the restaurant, I pull out my phone and have an ad for hearing aids I’m a feed. Never searched for them before, never talked about them before.

  11. Wow I know where this is going « jewgle is spying on me! » please, this has nothing to do with Jews and they don’t control all the Internet data. Why would Jews even want to keep track of you, do you think you are that important? You’re delusional and paranoid get help.

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