Mon Galaxy S7 presque brûlé vers le bas de ma maison et Samsung dire c’est ma faute…

My Galaxy S7 almost burned down my house and Samsung say it’s my fault.

Avant de comparer un smartphone pliable, il faut absolument voir les différents modèles disponibles sur le marché. Lequel, permettra vraiment de regarder les blagues chaque jours de manière gréable ?

Hey guys, voulus partager des cas qui m’était arrivé et voir si je peux obtenir quelques conseils sur quoi faire.

Je suis le propriétaire d’un téléphone Samsung Galaxy S7. Pour faire une histoire courte, une nuit je recharge mon téléphone et quand je me suis réveillé je sentait le plastique brûlé, le cordon a devenir branché sur le téléphone en raison de la fonte et quand j’ai détaché avec force il a partir de mon téléphone, j’ai remarqué le port de chargement a été complètement physiquement frits. Le téléphone a été quand j’étais en charge, mais il avait éteint et quand je l’ai allumé retour il y avait un message d’avertissement disant que le téléphone a été coupé par mesure de précaution cause de surchauffe.

J’ai envoyé le téléphone au QG local de samsung dans mon pays, ils ont examiné le téléphone et le detrmined qu’il y avait une « substance huileuse » dans le téléphone qui a provoqué son surchauffer et presque prendre feu – et que cette substance huileuse – a été mis là par l’utilisateur – et à cet effet il est de ma faute car il s’agit d’une « erreur de l’utilisateur ».

Samsung refuse de prolonger des informations ou des images au sujet de cette mystérieuse « substance huileuse » ni faire ils conviennent de partager quel type de substance qu’il était et si cette substance existe dans aucun des matériels de l’appareil.

Je suis gauche étonné avec absolument aucun service dans une affaire qui aurait pu amener vers le bas de ma maison entière avec un feu. J’ai insisté sur le fait que samsung vérifie cela encore une fois – ils ont envoyé le téléphone à leur laboratoire en Corée (bien fait là-dessus) – et est revenu avec le *exact* même répondre. La seule option qu’ils me donnent est de payer pour le téléphone se fixe et fournir aucun service ou compensation.

N’importe qui ont l’expérience à traiter avec eux dans ce cas, ou entendu parler de quelque chose de similaire ? Merci !

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  1. I doubt it was the phone, purely from an experience I had.

    My phone was charging at work, and my shift was about to end. I unplugged it and headed towards the front. My phone was fine, plug was fine when I left.

    I get a snapchat from the dude on the next shift, the end of the cord that plugs into the phone had started melting and smoking. It fried itself, with no phone attached. If my phone had still been plugged in, the same thing would have happened.

  2. Not defending Samsung, but I always look at these internet stories with skepticism.
    No word on what cable or charger OP was using, and the condition of them, no email proof or anything of what samsung said. And the big one, the S7 sold millions of units, and there hasnt been a mass reporting of them catching on fire, after 3 years, and it wouldve received extra scrutiny because of the note 7.

  3. Wait, did the cable short out completely?

    That is not supposed to happen, and the reason you found oil in your phone was probably from the plastic burning and leaving an oil residue.

    What kind of cable did you use?
    Was it frayed or damaged?

    To help you out, we need more info.

  4. Seriously…? S7s out of warranty from what I know and if it was from the s7 itself it would probably been a bigger issue like the note 7 and/or would have happened earlier…

  5. What do you want, a million dollar, the phone did not burn your house down or has done any damage to you or material. Probably there was some oil or something left from some food on the phone or charger.

  6. You don’t deserve compensation if it’s a 3rd party charger. Simple as that. It was the charger, not the phone . Even if it was a 1st party charger I doubt they would replace your unit as those are add ons. Any good company would make it that the charger,cable and earphones are freebies and aren’t applied to warranty.

    Don’t blame companies for not giving free shit when the phone wasn’t at fault.

  7. OP, you could’ve handled this better. For example, this statement:

    > I’m left astonished with absolutely no service in a case that **could** have brought down my entire house with a fire.

    If it was serious, which it could have been- why didn’t you take **pictures** of the outlet (in particular) & the surrounding area where the phone was located after it over-heated? Anything leading to possible house fire is serious, & I would have called my Insurance company to investigate if any damage to your home can be covered & then perhaps they could offer an explanation which will support your claim to Samsung. Instead, all we have to look at is a burnt phone port that may have been caused by solely or combination of a:

    * 3rd party cable
    * 3rd party charging plug
    * damage due to environmental factors (like water & oil)

    > I have sent the phone to the local HQ of samsung in my country, they examined the phone and detrmined that there was an « oily substance » in the phone that caused it to overheat and nearly catch fire – and that this oily substance – was put there by the user – and therefor it is my fault as this is a « user error ».

    Have you considered this is possible, because you haven’t denied or offered any proof otherwise. Where was it plugged it? In your kitchen? If so, is it orderly? Do you see what I’m leading to…? All of these are conditions & facts that we & **apparently** Samsung doesn’t know. Without knowing much, they will be suspicious & not take your claim of this incident which nearly « brought down my entire house with a fire » …seriously.

    I would personally accept their compensation for repairing your phone, or call your Insurance company & allow them to launch an investigation.

  8. Unless its the Note 7 which is more towards battery + design issues rather than charging port. In similar cases alot of people blame charging port and usb cable but the source of burnt is likely to be generated by something external. The « Oil » mentioned could be from food you are eating and it might have touched the usb port or it could be from you or someone touching the charger/cable end. Even if it is from Samsung charger, it is still user responsibilities to take care or do maintenance/cleaning on the related products (phone, cable, charger etc). I know you want to claim insurance or free stuff from this incident but you are SOL. Its like blaming McDonalds for obesity epidemics.

  9. This is a kind of reply I often hear from Apple Genius bar. It was unexpected from Samsung. Why would someone open his phone under warranty and put oil in it.

    I’m looking forward that Samsung doesn’t get involved in anti-consumer practices like Apple does.

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