Mode de bureau Android Q devrait simplement être applications Android de Google Chrome OS

Android Q desktop mode should just be Chrome OS

Avant d’obtenir un smartphone pliable, il faut toujours regarder les différents modèles disponibles sur le marché. Lequel, permettra vraiment de mater les actualité tous les jours de manière gréable ?

+ bureau chrome lorsque branché à un moniteur serait une grande fonctionnalité. Y a-t-il une raison technique, pourquoi ce ne serait pas possible (Chrome supporte déjà les bras) ? Vous pourriez avoir Android et Chrome OS sur le téléphone partager les données de l’app.

Une alternative consiste à apporter des fonds Chrome pour Android et qui deviennent une application Android.

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  1. One technical reason is ChromeOS takes up what, 6GB of space? You will maybe double or more the space the OS takes up, for just one feature that most people probably won’t use.

    There may also be a licensing issue. ChromiumOS is open source, but « ChromeOS » is controlled by Google. A ChromeOS machine has no manufacturer software, so Google can completely control updates and security.

  2. We are on the same page. If this version of chrome OS would also support Linux apps (Crostini) then, i would sell my MacBook and iMac.

    They should also make a 13″ notebook case for their Pixel phones.

  3. One way they could do this is to implement a feature similar to Samsung’s Linux on Dex into Android, and make it easy to download and install ChromeOS. This way you’re not bloating Android with like 6GB of ChromeOS, and avoid any licencing issues with including ChromeOS code in AOSP. And then you could install other distros if you want.

  4. In my opinion it is not necessary.
    It only takes that the desktop mode of Android Q looks like Chrome OS.

    With the support of web and Android apps, users will get the impression that it’s Chrome OS, even if it’s not really the case.

    I think that enough.

  5. I wish we could get Android apps on Windows | Linux | MacOS without having to use some (sketchy) launcher. Man, I hope web assembly PWAs become the default for all non-gaming applications in the near future.

  6. I don’t understand the purported benefit of this. If I want to use my android apps on a big screen, I’d need to run them in chrome that’s running on android? Why would anyone suggest this let alone want it???

  7. Ubuntu had this idea years ago. They made an Ubuntu phone with a dock you’d have hooked up to a monitor, mouse, keyboard, etc.. Put your phone in the dock and now your phone is your desktop. Remove your phone and all your apps with all your opened documents are still there on your phone. They cancelled this project recently. I personally think it’s a great idea and I think the main reason it didn’t catch on is because it wasn’t Apple or Google doing it.

  8. Why isn’t windows 10 also windows mobile?

    Why isn’t mac os also mac mobile?

    Why isn’t ubuntu also ubuntu mobile?

    Look at the decade of wrecks for reasons why a desktop OS doesn’t work on mobile, even when designed with arm in mind.

    Windows mobile >> dead

    Mac Mobile >> slipped for iOS

    Ubuntu mobile >> alive by the grace of the community but just barely

    Also the « always online » part might turn away people. You can’t do anything without internet on chrome os, just more fuel for the google is spying fire.

  9. The goal is to have native Chrome (full version) running on the phone when plugged in desktop mode.


    Listen, I use Samsung DeX on my Note 9 since my laptop fried and couldn’t afford to replace it. It’s running really fine ! From what I see from the Android Q beta, the Google version will still be behind (for the moment, let’s see when final release). Hell, I can even run UBUNTU on this thing.

    Even though it’s running fine thanks to Firefox and modules support, I feel like stretching these mobile-browsers will never deliver the full expérience. This is the goal.

    Google porting Chrome OS to go against DeX-like initiatives would be the dream, but it looks like it’s not the path they choose. They failed on tablets so they could bet on that.

    Let’s just pray that their next OS will indeed be a fusion of their two current OS, so that this vision could become real. I have no problem putting a thousand buck on a phone anymore now that it’s slowly replacing my need for a full desktop OS. Which manyfacturer will be smart enough to come get this money ?

  10. They’d need to do a whole lot of work to make the experience of Android apps on a non-touchscreen work. It’s a bad enough experience of tablets using Chrome OS.

    Id totally be down for them to try, though. I find hooking my phone to an external monitor a gimmick more than anything because it tries to do too much. Casting, on the other hand, does more of what I want my phone to do. THAT was a genius idea and implementation.

  11. It’d also be really cool if I could plug my phone into any workstation that has Chrome installed on it and there would be an option to use Android Q Desktop mode straight from there.

  12. With two clicks and 20 seconds on the note 9 and s10, you can launch Linux on Dex and Chromium. Not sure how it differs from Chrome though.

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