Mise à jour Android de Q bêta 2 mise à jour

Mise à jour Android de Q bêta 2 mise à jour

Android Q Beta 2 update

Avant d’obtenir un smartphone pliable, il faut absolument regarder les différents appareils disponibles sur le marché. Lequel, permettra vraiment de mater les news chaque jours de manière gréable ?

Q Android Beta 2

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  1. >Bubbles: a new way to multitask
    >In Android Q we’re adding platform support for **bubbles**, a new way for users to multitask and re-engage with your apps.

    >Bubbles help users prioritize information and take action deep within another app, while maintaining their current context. They also let users carry an app’s functionality around with them as they move between activities on their device.
    >Bubbles are great for messaging because they let users keep important conversations within easy reach. They also provide a convenient view over ongoing tasks and updates, like phone calls or arrival times. They can provide quick access to portable UI like notes or translations, and can be visual reminders of tasks too.
    >We’ve built bubbles on top of Android’s notification system to provide a familiar and easy to use API for developers.

    I’m really looking forward to this. Great to still see unexpected innovation in new Android versions!

    Edit: I am aware of chat heads (which I actually use and appreciate), but this seems to be an expanded and hopefully improved first-party implementation.

  2. Heads up! Noticing two things already:

    1.) Those using Fluid NG for navigation will find the app is broken on beta 2. Hopefully it gets updated soon to fix it.

    2.) ~~The audio is back to being unbalanced. The « fix » they applied via security patch a while back has been essentially reversed.~~

    UPDATE: Flashed a second time and the audio issue is gone. Not sure what happened on the first attempt.

  3. This is one advantage to having a Pixel. Get the new stuff earlier.

    Been using the first beta without problem and updated to the second today.

    See how it goes.

    Saw that Duplex is now more widely available then just the Pixel.

  4. Dang. I just reverted 2 days ago. Couldn’t get past the Now Playing not working and the almost-unusable Photos app. At this rate I’ll just hold out for a later beta I think.

  5. Image previews are broken in the camera app. It loads the photo for about 3 seconds, then goes straight to a black screen. I uninstalled updates and tried it again just to make sure the recent update didn’t break it, but no dice. It’s still quite broken. This is going to drive me crazy.

    If you go into Google Photos the same photos open just fine however, so it’s definitely isolated to the camera app

  6. PSA, this breaks compatibility with Magisk V19 but of course /u/topjohnwu already fixed this in his development branch so I assume a canary build will be built soon.

  7. oooh the haptics on my pixel 3 are very different and very undesirable on beta 2. Between this and multitasking being so wonky, I’m not totally sure this is an upgrade over beta1.

  8. Did they fix the swipe notifications?

    I go back to my other devices and swipe away my notifications left and I remember briefly what it’s like to not live in hell

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