Microsoft recommande de passer à l’iPhone ou Android car il se prépare à…

Microsoft recommande de passer à l’iPhone ou Android car il se prépare à…

Microsoft recommends switching to iPhone or Android as it prepares to kill off Windows phones

Avant d’acquérir un smartphone pliable, il faut absolument analyse les différents appareils disponibles sur le marché. Lequel, permettra vraiment de lire les blagues chaque jours de manière gréable ?

Microsoft recommande de passer à l’iPhone ou Android car il s’apprête à tuer les téléphones Windows

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  1. Sad to see it go. I was rooting for Windows Phone to be successful back with my Lumia 920 and 1020. Too bad it never had support from the major developers.

  2. I always imagined actually switching to a Surface Smartphone with Windows 10 Mobile in the future. Its such an actual shame that this won’t now come true.

  3. Sad to see it go.

    Having used Android and iOS extensively and briefly owning a Lumia I can tell that – Windows OS was so refreshing and unique.

  4. This kills me. I loved my Windows Phones. I still think they had the best home screen concept in smartphone history. I have yet to see anything that makes as much sense for a homes screen as Live Tiles. Position anything you want, wherever you want, resize it based on it’s importance to you and the tiles display information in real time, the larger you make the tile, the more information is displayed. It’s brilliant and it makes sense. Allows you to get what you need at a glance without even opening the app. The iPhone’s static field of icons is pathetic and useless by comparison, no more innovation than the Palm Pilot that came 10 years before it. Android is better, but widgets are still a sloppier and much less elegant solution IMO. It has been sad to watch WebOS and Blackberry 10 fall too.

  5. Had every generation of Windows Phones since the start and am still sad that it died. Google helped kill it by denying various services. I have switched to iPhone and Android last year (I have two phones). Both work well, but I wish there were a third option.

  6. A lot of the failure of Windows phone as at the hands of Google. Google was actively hostile to Microsoft and any attempt at them making a phone. And weather you like it or not, a lot of people relied on Google Cloud Services.

    Google refused to make any apps for the platform. When Microsoft attempted to do it, Google would sabotage the apps.

  7. I wish they’ll make a comeback with windows 10S. Though I believe it requires some of work to make it run on smartphones and to compile x86 apps perfectly, but it could be really nice.

  8. Goodbye, sweet prince. You were LITERALLY too good for this world.

    System-wide dark theme in 2015: Amazing
    The ability to use your phone as a PC: Revolutionary
    Putting blood, sweat, and tears into something that you know may never be recognized: Empowering

    You were the breath of fresh air we need in a time where a market is growing stagnant.

    Next time I’m in Redmond, I’ll pour out a cold one for ya.

    RIP Windows Phone
    (November 8th, 2010 – December 10th, 2019)

  9. Loved rocking Windows Phone on my Lumia 920 in 2013. It was hell of a flagship phone at that time. Tried iPhone 6S and 7, then jumped ship to Android due to constraints of iOS. Currently owning a budget friendly flagship from Xiaomi (Mi Mix 2) and looking to get something more premium in the future, like Galaxy or OnePlus.

  10. Man.. I do miss windows phone 🙁

    The OS and the Lumia phones had so many awesome functions that Android/Apple to this day are bringing over. The latest being the rumored desktop mode thats been on Windows Phone for what 4-5 years?

    I do wonder what kind of innovations Windows Phone would have offered us if it was a succes in terms of users.

  11. A lot of hate in here, but there was nothing wrong with the os. The lack of apps killed it. I really enjoyed my windows phones (lumias camera put all cameras at the time to shame).

    I don’t like ios and was bored with Android, and I spent a LOT of time fiddling and flashing new ROMs on my old phones. WP was a nice phone that was just different enough, not as simple as ios, not as complicated as Android and looked awesome and had a quick learning curve.

    I only moved away from it because I was too tied to Google, between music and movies, and I couldn’t get my bank apps.

    RIP. You were a good 3rd or 4th alternative and a breath of fresh air in a very boring tech market.

  12. I wish they would have fleshed out Windows Mobile OS like the have Windows desktop.

    – you supply the operating system ROMs to people
    – they install it on their Android devices themselves
    – you do all the driver support

    and they supply the hardware.

    There’s people out here who **want** to install Windows Phone on our Nexus 4 and MotoX.

    **There are literally dozens of us.**


    Edit: Yes, i’d pay $130 for a copy of **Windows Phone 10**. You plug your phone into USB, and it detects the type of phone, and assembles the correct ROM image, and either does, or tells you how, to install it.

  13. even though we’re all saying, « is this news? it’s been obvious » I’m still surprised and glad that Microsoft stated this publicly because even though it may not be a « financially smart decision » to announce such a thing it is still the right thing to do ethically and I support them for it.

  14. I don’t have any kind of proof, but it’s been my opinion that Snapchat killed Windows Phone. When Snapchat was growing and peaking in terms of popularity as far as apps go, they purposefully chose not to make an app for WP (the CEO was notorious for hating Microsoft and doing his best to spite them) and killing any 3rd party apps (6Snap was a 3rd party that was functionally superior to SC. The creator of 6snap offered to give them the code and maintain it for them, but they rejected it.)

    Google’s stubbornness didn’t help. Also Microsoft unfortunately was developing nicer apps for Android and iOS than it was for WP (the Office suite was a joke on WP). But there was a time when I know a huge number of people would have easily gotten the 920, 925 or 1020, but the lack of Snapchat was a deal breaker.

    Damn I loved my unbreakable, sleek, sexy, quick, perfect Lumia 925.


  15. Man, MS really had something great. But lack of support from devs and later even from Ms killed it. The os was so fast, fluid and just made sense it was amazing. Android and ios don’t even come close

  16. I had a Windows phone a couple years ago. It was terrific. Sadly no app support but great OS. It’s a shame it never took off. I also think Zune was better than iPod but what can ya do?

  17. Oh how I misso my Windows Phone. I had to switch because my camera focus died and I only used it to text and record concert videos/take pics.
    I especially miss the intergrated dark theme, THE KEYBOARD which is worlds better than their Android version I’m using now, and the handsfree function that I could turn on whenever I wanted or set to turn on once my headphones were plugged in. My new stupid Samsung galaxy 9 won’t dictate texts or anything unless I put it in visually impared mode, which turns off my screen and other features. Htf am I supposed to play video games and respond to texts, yell at my phone to text while my hands are occupied, fucking use my phone while I’m out walking in the rain/sleet/snow/cold/whatever and don’t want to take it out when I already have headphones with a mic plugged in?

    It makes me so mad thinking of all the amazing features I lost, features I never would have dreamed wouldn’t be standard. 😡

  18. I already have an Android ‘phone, but I genuinely love my Lumia 640 LTE. Great camera, nice size, runs smoothly, even Edge doesn’t annoy me as much as the PC version does. 🙁

  19. This and the Ubuntu Phone both being dead makes me sad. I wish we had more of a range of choice when it comes to mobile operating systems. Haven’t really heard from Sailfish/Jolla lately either. =[

  20. Done that years ago… Windows 10 was unstable and with no apps I use daily, if yes, then unstable apps. Android is really great alternative and cheap already. iOS is great too, but still very limited, which is not bothering me at all. I’m using iOS just like any Android, but it’s fast and smooth out of the box all the time.

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