Microsoft apporte Android apps Windows 10 avec nouvel écran en miroir…

Microsoft apporte Android apps Windows 10 avec nouvel écran en miroir…

Microsoft brings Android apps to Windows 10 with new screen mirroring beta – The Verge

Avant de comparer un smartphone pliable, il faut toujours analyse les différents appareils disponibles sur le marché. Lequel, permettra vraiment de mater les news tous les jours de manière gréable ?

Microsoft apporte Android apps Windows 10 avec nouvel écran miroir bêta – The Verge

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  1. If you don’t mind using ADB over USB the program Scrcpy can mirror your screen and allow you to control it from your PC. It also requires no additional apps be installed on your phone.

  2. I hope it’ll work better than the Smartphone app that mirrors the pictures and messages. I’ve got several Windows 10 machines and it isn’t working on any of them.

  3. I’ve been using scrcpy, which requires USB connection to the phone and Android debugging on, but it’s nearly flawless. Not as polished as this, surely (no transfer of audio, for example) but it’s relatively lagless and hassle-free setup.

  4. Something sounds very off in that report. Why would u use BT Low Energy, a codex with even less bandwidth than normal BT let alone WIFI to low latency transmit a high resolution video stream? Why do you need a whole new Windows build for this feature? Is it that well implemented into the OS general UI? Because just streaming video over can be done by something like Moonlight even to a browser window, let alone a standalone app.

    Also, this is launching on Samsung phones only during beta. Samsung has the exact same feature for years via Samsung Flow / Side Sync.

    ~~Not sure if The Verge’s claim that it is mirroring the phone’s screen straight into Windows is true.~~ Its in the press release by MS.

  5. Microsoft puts this out assuming people like windows so much that instead of just using the device already present, they’d rather use that device through there PC with a mouse instead of a touch screen, some latency, and keyboard integration.

    I just don’t see that happening.

    My phone does the daily things I do better than windows does, that’s why I have my phone. Why would I want to point and click through a higher latency window at a blown up, low dpi, touch screen interface when I already have that device within arms reach? It’s going to have a higher latency than simply using the device, touchscreen is just gone, mouse gestures suck, why would I want this ? Being able to use my keyboard to type is not nearly a good enough reason when I’m actually faster using a good touchscreen keyboard.

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