[META] Content guidelines

[META] Content guidelines

[META] Content guidelines

As the name suggest, /r/BetterEveryLoop is for gifs that get better every loop. Or failing that, ones that you can watch a few a few times without getting sick of it. Unfortunately, this is an inherently subjective standard. This means that we can’t just obtain it by enforcing a strict set of rules without either throwing out some great gifs that don’t fit the exact rules we might come up with or our rules being way too loose. That’s why, going forward, we trust the most engaged members of our community with the task of judging on a case by case basis which gifs belong and which don’t.

But there are a few guidelines and examples we’d like to list to help you with this task. We’ve defined the following markers which indicate that a gif might belong on this sub along with some examples:

**The gif is short and sweet**

In and of itself, this doesn’t do much to make a gif better every loop. It certainly helps if one or more of the other markers apply.

**The gif is incredibly dense**

These are the types of gifs where so much is happening at once, that you can’t possibly take everything in in just one watch. These gifs are usually safe bets for our sub. The prototypical example of this type of gif is [this one](https://i.imgur.com/4hySgQo.gifv).

See also: /r/DenseGifs

**The gif has an ending that is entirely out of left field**

Sometimes a gif catches you by surprise at the very end in a way that forces you to watches it again to believe what you’re seeing. Not all gifs of this type fit this sub, but some certainly do. In the best examples, the anticipation of what’s to come at the end makes the entire gif significantly better than it was the first time round in subsequent watches. Here’s [an example](https://i.imgur.com/OCB8XM3.gifv) of this kind of gif.

See also: /r/unexpected

**The gif is just straight up bizarre or hypnotizing**

There are those gifs that you just can’t take your eyes of because they’re just that damn weird or mesmerising. This might be the most subjective criterion out of the bunch, but that doesn’t mean it can’t make for a fantastic /r/BetterEveryLoop gif. One example of this that I’m partial to is [Joaquin Phorehead](http://i.imgur.com/1Ir8AmC.gifv).


This is not an exhaustive list and the examples are certainly don’t showcase every way a gif can fulfill these criteria. If you have another marker that you think makes for a great /r/BetterEveryLoop gif or have a specific example of a gif that you think is just fantastic, I encourage you to share it in the comments so this post can become a little bit more exhaustive.

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  1. My issue is that this sub has become so unoriginal. Even now when I look at the hot posts, there’s one that I’ve seen 100s of times (Mr. Beans hand shake denial) and the rest are cross posts from other subs. No effort from any of the posters, except writing a description which, let’s be honset, nobody reads anyways.

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